19 October 2021, Tuesday, 3:25
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We Have Finally Grown Up

We Have Finally Grown Up

The nation has come up a long way this year.

There is one thing I would like to say today, a year after the start of the main stage of the Belarusian revolution.

The nation has come up a long way over the course of this year. The events have been so compressed that it seems that we have not realized in all the long years of the dictatorship as much as we have done within the last 12 months.

We have realized that we hate this vile, inhumane, lying regime, and that we are the majority.

We have learned that there are thousands of heroes among us, who, after victory, will become the new real elite of the country, displacing to the dustbin of history the thievish, ignorant lowbrow which got stuck in various "parliaments" and executive committees.

We have realized that the final victory requires courageous leaders and decisive action. It is not enough to go out with flowers and take a selfie - it is important to be ready to reach concrete goals.

We have realized the power of solidarity. We were helped and we helped without expecting anything in return. And that is our strength – the mutual help.

We have realized that we don't need leaders, they are always disappointing, but we are leaders ourselves and we must do something.

The main thing that we have realized is that this is our country and we will decide how to live in it. Not the marginal propaganda bootlickers or the half-witted employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption. Their time is running out and they feel it. The latest outrage is their rant about being hopeless and feeling that the end is near.

I can say one thing: we are obliged to win. We have no alternative but to do so. Let us act. Reflecting on the might-have-been can take years. Some people spend their whole lives thinking about it instead of getting involved and doing something.

Right now, the leaders of workers are talking about the need of a General Strike. This is a sound, appropriate strategy. And let's not pay attention to the gibberish of "analysts" that it's impossible, since these very people were assuring us on the eve of the 2020 events that the election campaign would be the most boring and that there wouldn't be any protests in Belarus.

Let's keep it that way. I am convinced that there will be a strike if the media, bloggers, and common citizens get involved in the information work. Let's get in our determination and food for a month of the strike.

We have finally grown up. We are the nation. We are the Belarusians.

Natallia Radzina, Charter97.org Editor-in-Chief