19 October 2021, Tuesday, 2:23
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Vadzim Prakopjeu: Koshchey Death To Lukashenka Is In Strike

Vadzim Prakopjeu: Koshchey Death To Lukashenka Is In Strike
Vadzim Prakopjeu

A vibrant appeal to the Belarusian miners.

Vadzim Prakopjeu, a well-known Belarusian restaurateur and political activist, recorded a vibrant appeal to the miners on the occasion of the anniversary of the Belaruskali strike:

- Lukashenka knows he is doomed, but do not expect courage from him, he will not resign. You can only drive such people out with a broom. Miners, you know perfectly well how you can help.

By going on strike you not only regain your dignity. The strike, without exaggeration, saves the lives of the Belarusians. The strike is what this traitor fears most of all. He doesn't have a method against a general strike. The strike is the death of Koshchei.

Don't be afraid, don't believe the big-brained scoundrels. You have the might, not him. Remember how confused and sweaty he was then, you can do that only together. Hold hands, don't turn on each other and show him who's boss.

All my life I try to avoid lofty words, but this is what I say, dear miners. This is the case, when you can save our country. We believe in you.