15 June 2021, Tuesday, 15:46
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Rails for Blue Fingers

Rails for Blue Fingers
Iryna Khalip

Mowgli was right.

Lukashenka is making plans. He is building his future "out of what he had". Though, there is little left of it.

The Olympic Games and the chance to travel abroad, take selfies with famous people have slipped away. The switchover failed: he's not allowed into Tokyo even as Vitya's father. Vitya can go there either. Gerasimenya is to blame: she waved a silver fin, and the Olympic doors closed with a barn lock. Of course, one could put Gerasimenya on the wanted list for that, but the doors don't open anyway.

He waved goodbye to the Ice Hockey World Championship with a hockey stick. The pentathlon championship clung to the stick in solidarity. Both left for warmer lands, leaving the stands empty. The good old Eurovision Song Contest also waved goodbye. Events that made up the basis of the life plan for many years in a row, went south. Dazhynki fest celebration is like brushing one's teeth and planning a work schedule based on it.

But Lukashenka cannot admit that he left everything in the past; nothing good awaits him in future. He knows that the main thing in this situation is to designate his future with flags, like a distance. If there is a schedule, there is the future. If there is a schedule, there is power. So he, hanging by a thread, plans the future as hard as he can for everyone to believe that he has one. Lukashenka plans a forum of the regions for Vladimir Putin in the summer and a meeting of the State Council of the Union State in the fall. It signals: Dear VVP, do not ignore me. I will still be here in the fall. My phone number has no changed. I do not care that it has been silent for a year and there is nobody but you to talk to. Though you also pay me little attention. Note that both in Sochi in winter and Moscow in April Lukashenka spoke only about the upcoming Forum of Regions and the State Council meeting. As if he went both to the Caucasus and the Kremlin as a courier to notify about the forthcoming events. So that Putin could remember, Russian officials could be aware of it, and everyone could be busy. Of course, journalists should continue to rack their brains: What will they sign this time? a currency? or an alliance? That is the point.

Of course, it is necessary to do something to arouse interest in the Belarusians. The more they are busy with meaningless, pointless, unnecessary and even harmful things, the better. That is why Lukashenka first introduced the idea of "constitutional reform". When it has been discussed from all sides, and one finally realized that a primitive idea was invented to stall and distract people from protests, he gave a new idea - the referendum on constitutional reform.

The next winter, he is not going to leave; he has great plans. A faithful friend Lida, who swore last year that after the election she would retire, says that her contract is expiring, but if the country needs it, she may stay.

It's not about Yermoshyna, it's about us. Lukashenka's plants his plans into our heads. He wants us to discuss them. He wants us to participate in them. He wants us to accept his presence in our future. All these events - the "All-Belarusian Assembly," the referendum, the local elections are invented only for this purpose. These are the very rails the blue fingers cling to. Keep in mind that many educated public people easily fall for the bait and begin discussing the format of the referendum, the questions under discussion and the need to participate in the local elections. In other words, they voluntarily admit that Lukashenka will still be in place in winter. Gentlemen, don't be Bandar-logs.

Remember: Bandar-logs are such a fictional monkey tribe from the "Jungle Book" that can't pass their laws in any way because they have no memory. It's short. So, when we, after all our victories and sacrifices, after all, we've been through the last year, start discussing the referendum, the local elections, and Voskresensky, we immediately turn into Bandar-logs. "Baloo will beat me, of course, but it's better than catching stupid pink petals with the Bandar-logs," thought Mowgli, and he was right.

If you suddenly become interested in stupid rose petals and start seriously thinking that local elections are generally not bad in our situation and we need negotiations and constitutional reform, stop immediately and say loud and clear: "Lukashenka must resign". Remember no rose petals. He must resign.

Don't worry about Yermoshyna, she'll work. A chow server, for example.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org