19 January 2022, Wednesday, 4:11
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Map of Belarusian Business Abroad Has Appeared

Map of Belarusian Business Abroad Has Appeared

Now the map has more than a hundred addresses of Belarusian businesses around the world.

Over the past year, quite a few Belarusians have moved to neighboring countries. Many of them have opened or continued their business there. To help our compatriots support their fellow countrymen, volunteers developed BY_MAPKA - a map of Belarusian business abroad.

The author of the BY_MAPKA idea was Alina Koushyk, and the map itself was created by volunteer Aliaksei, who left Belarus in August 2021. The main idea of the project is to support the Belarusians who have organized their business abroad, nashaniva.com reports.

"Belarusians, as a diaspora, as people who are ready to support each other, have been formed only in 2020. There is a desire to support each other, but there was no opportunity to learn how to do this, so we made such a project," says Aliaksei. "When you go abroad, on the one hand, you really want to support your fellow countrymen, and on the other hand, to receive a guaranteed high-quality service. Belarusian masters in different countries are worth their weight in gold.

For example, in Georgia, a Belarusian manicurist or electrician works much better than the locals. And sometimes there is not much difference, who to pay for the same manicure, then you can support the Belarusian."

The system is simple. If a Belarusian providing services abroad wants to be added to the map, he can simply fill out the form. Then his contacts will appear on the site. It is not at all necessary to be a political refugee, it is enough that you are Belarusian.

Now there are more than a hundred business addresses on the map in different countries of the world. In Poland - 63, in Georgia - 15, in Ukraine - 13. In other countries - 8. These are Australia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, the USA, and the Czech Republic.

“The spheres that prevail in Poland are the services of hairdressers, make-up artists, catering, and so on,” says the young man. "In Georgia, there is an even distribution between food, psychologist services, and the sale of clothes. In Ukraine, for example, there are many doctors," says Aliaksei.

Although, he notes that the creators of the project unexpectedly faced difficulties - the fear of the Belarusians themselves.

"Many are afraid of being added to the map. People believe that if they add up and say that they provide any services, then this is already a crime," says the man. "Even though they are in another country, where the laws on entrepreneurship are completely loyal. In Georgia, for example, there is very simple tax legislation for individual entrepreneurs.

In Belarus, if you make a mistake in doing business, you will face a large fine, administrative or criminal liability. Legislation in Georgia, like in many other countries, allows you to correct mistakes, and they do not seek to punish for it."