19 January 2022, Wednesday, 4:56
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"Aggressive Migrants Broke Windows And Started Destroying Fence"

"Aggressive Migrants Broke Windows And Started Destroying Fence"

Details of the riot at the Polish migration center have become known.

A riot broke out at an immigrant center in Wędrzyn in Poland's Lubusz Voivodeship on Thursday.

The migrants began smashing the center's security system and fencing, TVP reported.

"A group of 100 men are behaving aggressively at the Wędrzyn immigrant center. Among other things, they have started smashing and destroying the fence. They also have broken windows in the migrant center," said Polish Border Guard spokeswoman Anna Michalska.

The foreigners started chanting "Freedom!" and shouting that the purpose of their journey was Germany. According to the police, trash cans and lockers were taken to the square in front of the center.

Police and border guard units from the north of the region have been put on alert. According to information given by Anna Michalska, there are currently about 600 people living in the Wędrzyn Center for Foreigners.

"These are only men, of whom 358 are Iraqi citizens," the Polish Border Guard spokeswoman said.