26 May 2020, Tuesday, 22:50
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Hide Even Matches From Lukashenka

Hide Even Matches From Lukashenka

Laughter's over, as well as the regime.

If anyone else tries to reason about Lukashenka's rating and how many votes he has, this anyone will be just a fool. He's an ordinary, inexperienced idiot. Because there will be no more ratings and no more votes. It was over at the moment of the explosion on July 3, when a fatal fragment hit the neck of a woman who came to watch fireworks, to spend time with her grandchildren. It's the end of the film, the end credits, the light is on and the audience is already rubbing their eyes, as it always happens after dark.

The regime has run dry. It turned out that these people were unable to cope with the country, the economic crisis, and social problems as well.

Everything in their hands is a murder weapon, and every holiday they hold ends in tragedy.

It is believed that the power of any dictatorship lies in large-scale shows for half-robots and half-people. You must admit that they are perfect at it. Half of the world cried over the Olympic Bear's farewell flight - some, in my opinion, are still crying. The North Koreans are starving and rip off the bark from the trees, but Kim enjoys parades! And not a single strand will come out of drummer girls' hairstyles, not a single soldier will stumble, not a single trombone will give a squeak. However, I do not know if they have trombones.

In short, a clumsy and, to put it mildly, stupid lame duck from a collective farm has an example to follow. But the thing is that only such lame ducks are ready to work, or rather not to do anything for much money. That's why they never succeed. The day of the liberation of Minsk from the Nazis is somehow called Independence Day. Parade tanks in the city streets lose control and start drifting, forcing civilians to dodge a possible tank attack. Fireworks shatter window panes of houses. Jeely cars don't start, MAZs are not in demand, the European Games cause losses instead of inflow, pills don't heal, schools don't teach, singers don't sing, ministers wear hand-me-downs of non-existent state. (The story may turn to be more complicated with that minister in hand-me-downs: he suspiciously resigned at a proper moment. Perhaps he knew). And if earlier Belarusians just laughed at these clumsy attempts of a retired collective farmer to be like adult dictators, now the laughter is over. It drowned in the sea of explosions and cries for help. It bled out like the throat of an unhappy woman cut by a giant fragment. It was as desperate as her last breath.

Of course, lame ducks among enforcers were prompt to act. They detained two Russians from the manufacturing company, who, according to government agencies, "mechanically affected the pyrotechnics while loading the mortars". They forced the charges into the mortar, didn't they? Did they help it with a leg? Sorry, but the official statement of the Ministry of Defense says that the explosions took place in three places out of six. And how could these two guys be present in three places at the same time and mechanically affect the charges? Or did they, like the Bad Boy, prepare everything in advance? But then it was a diversion.

However, lame ducks from the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Defense did not have time to decide how many explosions were there and how many people were subject to arrest. That is why they failed, as always. However, tomorrow they may check their stories and finally come up with a common version. It will turn out that the names of the detained Russians are Petrov and Boshirov, and they arrived to destabilize the situation in order to avenge the guarantor of independence for guarantees of independence. Or their names are Konovalov and Kovalev, and this is still reincarnation aimed at destabilization. Be sure that this company of state lame ducks will hold kilometres of expertise, and we will never know what exploded and who is to blame.

And if the manufacturing company admits that it has been supplying these charges for ten years now without any tender, who can guarantee that the officials of the Ministry have not resold them raising a couple of hundred thousand in addition to "kickbacks"? And one can charge mortars with any garbage made by skilled conscripts. Or, for example, one may draw up a contract, as it has been officially done all these years, for 20 million Russian rubles, and to seize the illiquid to be destroyed, and go halves with each other in these millions. But they fail to do this professionally.

Of course, over the next few days, the company will be trying hard to fix its own information foul-ups and develop a better version. But it's too late, fellow citizens. The clay statue of the regime collapsed and split into small pieces. It is just dirt, an explosive one. Now everyone, even an "alternatively gifted" one, has realized how talentless sneaky these people are. They just blow out their cheeks offices both in district administrations and head offices. They cannot be trusted not only with the management of the country, the construction of a nuclear power plant and fireworks; they cannot even be trusted with a hay cart. It will bear victims anyway. And any shows organized here - harvest festivals, fireworks or the Slavic bazaar - pose a threat not only to the brains. They are dangerous to life. This is the main safety rule in Belarus.

Lukashenka may still fail to realise how ridiculous he looked when he blamed Belarusian children for not knowing how to use a smooth plane and a portable planer. What the hell are you talking about? What parades and fireworks? Hide even matches from this company.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org