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Ukrainian Forces Control Vovchansk By 60% But Assaults Do Not Stop

Ukrainian Forces Control Vovchansk By 60% But Assaults Do Not Stop

The Kharkiv Regional Military Administration (OVA) talked about the situation in the hottest direction.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine control about 60% of Vovchansk. However, assaults in the city do not stop.

This was stated by the deputy head of the Kharkiv OVA Roman Semenukha, RBC-Ukraine reports citing the broadcast of the telethon.

"We have continuous shelling. The enemy continued assault operations, mainly focused on the directions of the settlement of Liptsy, the settlement of Vovchansk and on the left and right flanks of the city of Vovchansk," he said.

Semenukha added that today there were several KABs strikes on Lipetsk.

"The enemy does not abandon attempts in the middle of Vovchansk to push the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the city. The Ukrainian army controls about 60% of the city, that is, the assaults do not stop," he said.

He added that this morning they stopped fighting in the Kupyansk direction.

"Today, in some areas, the Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct their own assault operations in order to improve their positions. Well, undoubtedly there are shelling of the border area. This is Bogodukhov district, Kharkiv district, Chuhuiv district," Semenukha added.

Attack on the Kharkiv region.

Since the beginning of May, the activation of Russian troops has been observed in the Kharkiv region. The invaders began the offensive, concentrating their efforts on capturing the border town of Vovchansk and advancing towards Kharkiv.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the Russian army is actively fighting to oust the Ukrainian defenders near the settlements of Vovchansk, Stanitsa and Liptsy.

According to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, this offensive by the Russian Federation is purely propaganda. The leadership of the aggressor country seeks to demonstrate to the West that Moscow allegedly retains control over the course of the war in Ukraine.

Zelensky stressed that such actions of the occupiers are aimed at influencing the leaders of Western countries and forcing them to make certain concessions.

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