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Expert: Ukrainian Forces Hit Unique Target In Sevastopol

Expert: Ukrainian Forces Hit Unique Target In Sevastopol

No less rare than the missile cruiser Moskva.

The information coming from the occupied Crimea about the destruction of the Russian rescue ship Komunna is most likely reliable since the fragments of the ship from the scene of the explosion in the video coincide with the rest of the pictures.

Military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko reported.

"The information that this morning in Sevastopol, in the Sukharnaia Bay, a blow was struck on the rescue ship Komunna, in general, is trustworthy. In the video published in open sources, you can recognize several elements inherent in the Kommuna," he notes.

According to the expert, the Kommuna is a one-of-a-kind submarine rescue vessel in the Russian Navy.

“There is simply no another like it. But, most interestingly, it was built not in the Russian Federation, not in the USSR, but during the period of the Russian Empire! The vessel was laid down in 1912, and commissioned in 1915... Since then, such a vessel has not been built and it has been operating. If the destruction of the Kommuna is officially confirmed, then this is no less unique goal than the missile cruiser Moskva, but at the same time, it is also rare! We are waiting for confirmation with impatience!” he notes.

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