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Missiles Strike On Russian Vessel In Sevastopol Bay

Missiles Strike On Russian Vessel In Sevastopol Bay

A fire broke out on the ship.

In Sevastopol (temporarily occupied Crimea) on the morning of April 21, a fire occurred in the bay on the north side after the explosions. At the same time, the Russians claim that they allegedly "repulsed" the Ukrainian missile attack.

Later, the occupiers announced a missile attack on the ship.

There is information from online media that the Crimean Bridge was closed, and explosions thundered in the bay of Sevastopol. People claim “a lot of smoke.”

Rocket danger has now been declared by the occupiers in Crimea.

In the north of Sevastopol, fire trucks rushed, preliminarily, towards Sukharna Bay or Holland Bay.

Later, the "governor of Sevastopol" Mikhail Razvozhaev reported, allegedly "none of the ships, the military repulsed the attack of an anti-ship missile."

The fire reportedly started from fallen fragments.

The video from the scene of the incident was filmed and published online by eyewitnesses.

"Rocket f****d the steamboat. You see, it's burning. So today is my second birthday,” says an eyewitness to an off-screen missile strike.

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