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Important Fee Risen Sharply For Car Owners In Belarus

Important Fee Risen Sharply For Car Owners In Belarus

The rates increased 2-3 times.

The Government of Belarus has revised the recycling fee rates for vehicles. The changes will affect legal entities. The document was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

One of the main changes is that now the recycling fee rates are determined for vehicles of two categories: up to 3 years inclusive and more than 3 years. Previously, rates were determined for vehicles from the date of manufacture of which less than 3 years have passed, from 3 to 7 years and more than 7 years.

Recycling rates for vehicles of category M1 (M1G) with electric motors, including sequential-type hybrid power plants, remain at the same level: 544.5 rubles for a car up to 3 years old inclusive and 816.7 rubles for more than 3 years. Similar rates, as before, will apply when importing vehicles of category M1 (M1G) by individuals for personal use, regardless of engine displacement.

Rates have changed significantly for legal entities — in some cases they have increased by 2-3 times. Let's show the example of passenger cars — category M1 (M1G) from the date of production of which 3 or less years have passed.

Rates have also changed significantly for all other categories — from trucks to trailers, bulldozers and agricultural equipment.

The resolution comes into force 10 days after its official publication.

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