5 December 2023, Tuesday, 17:59
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Fuel Carriages Derailed Near Russia's Ulyanovsk

Fuel Carriages Derailed Near Russia's Ulyanovsk

Traces of damage to railway tracks are discovered at the site.

There was an accident on the railway near Russia's Ulyanovsk. Several carriages carrying gas and petrol derailed, RBC-Ukraine reports.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Russian Telegram channel Baza.

It is known that the incident happened on May 30, around 4 a.m. The epicenter of the emergency was a section of railway near the Ulyanovsk-2 station.

As the Telegram channel notes, at least one of the carriages tipped over on its side. And two carriages with fuel derailed.

The authors suggest the incident could have been caused by sabotage - traces of railway track damage were allegedly discovered at the site.

Railway Accidents In Russia

Such incidents are common in Russia these days. For example, in mid-May, the Russian Federation allegedly reported an explosion on a railway in temporarily annexed Crimea. Propagandists then also called the incident near Bakhchisaray in the Simferopol district sabotage: eight rail carriages with grain derailed, five overturned. Later, the Ukrainian intelligence service reported that Russians used the railway exploded not only to transport grain but also weapons.

Statistics shows sabotage in Russia became more frequent in May. The most popular are arson of relay cabinets on railways and military stations, as well as damage to tracks themselves.

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