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Powerful Explosion In Russia's Rostov-On-Don

Powerful Explosion In Russia's Rostov-On-Don

The explosion was heard even in neighbouring Bataysk.

Residents in Russia's Rostov-on-Don reported suspicious sounds similar to an explosion in the Western residential district. Rostov residents heard it at about 12:15 (Minsk time).

The explosion was reported by local Russian media.

"We had just heard such a loud bang that even the cars' alarms went off," said a woman from Rostov, who lives in the "Ekaterininsky" housing estate. She specified that after that a plane flew over in two minutes. Now it is quiet in the housing estate.

Rumble was also heard in Stachka Avenue, Vertoletnoe Pole, Litvinov, 2nd Krasnodarskaya, Kommunisticheskoe, Druzhinnikov Square, Izvilistaya, Kashirskaya, Portovaya, as well as in Bataysk. What it could be, we can only guess at the moment.

Roman Voloshin, head of the Bataysk administration, hastened to calm the townspeople by saying that there were no emergencies in the town.

"The reasons for the sound are being investigated," he added.

Meanwhile, a CCTV video of the rumble has been released online. Possible reasons for the scary sound are being discussed online.

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