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Marharyta Liauchuk's Concerts In Warsaw, Gdańsk Cancelled

Marharyta Liauchuk's Concerts In Warsaw, Gdańsk Cancelled

The reason is very serious.

Singer Marharyta Liauchuk has finally cancelled the concerts in Warsaw and Gdańsk that were to take place next weekend. As the artist shared on Facebook, she has serious problems with her voice.

"Friends, I'm very sorry, but I won't see you at the concerts in Warsaw and Gdańsk. First there was some terrorist threat and now it's my voice. The phoniatrist has forbidden me even to talk, let alone sing. I was diagnosed with a polyp on my vocal cords. It's a vocalist's worst dream where you can't sing, but it has come true," Marharyta Liauchuk wrote.

"To say I'm desperate is to say nothing. It's as if my life was cut short after the doctor told me it was serious. The voice is my life. It's a psychological trauma, first of all.

But I'm well enough, I understand everything and I'm holding on as best I can. I have already cried and laughed, because I have the coolest friends and family, who have been there for the second day, and I'm really grateful to them," the singer added.

The concert in Gdańsk was scheduled for March 26. Instead of Marharyta Liauchuk, Liavon Volski will perform at her request.

The concert in Warsaw has been cancelled completely, and those who have bought a ticket will receive a refund.

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