6 October 2022, Thursday, 10:15
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Kalinouski Regiment Will Increase By Dozens Times

Kalinouski Regiment Will Increase By Dozens Times

Lukashists have already begun to flee from their jobs.

While the Lukashists are engaged in the complete destruction of the national identity of Belarusians, the Belarusians themselves are preparing to defend their land from double occupation. The bottom line is that, having seized power by force, Lukashenka did not try to make the life of Belarusians better, on the contrary, over the past two years, he has worsened all indicators in the economy several times. Instead of strengthening his political position by increasing wages, increasing the number of jobs, improving all social indicators, he engaged in repression, as a result of which he ran into the largest sanctions that forced him to cut funding for any of the areas. As a result, people became even more angry.

To be sure, in a country where the security forces have silenced everyone, peaceful street protests have become nearly impossible. But as the Belarusian experience has shown, they will not last long. The fear of the Kalinouski regiment fetters the entire power bloc of the country. The Lukashists are well aware of their failure in 2020. They are aware that the Kalinouski regiment is fighting for freedom, including people who went through the protests of 2020, and there are also those who came through the Square-2010. The Ukrainian experience has shown that when people defend their freedom, no weapon will stop them.

In the military units, the Belarusian military, looking through the news in the Ukrainian media, recall their exercises, where they saw nothing but a tent city with booze and imitation of activity. And here is such an example: brave Belarusian soldiers, daring and strong in spirit, who have real combat experience, who value justice and honor in the first place. A serious question arises among the military: “Am I serving in the right army?”

The police, riot police and other bandits defending Lukashenka are fleeing from their jobs. It is known that in the small towns of Belarus, in addition to the fact that no new faces come to the service, the regime continues to lose experienced employees. The rats, sensing something going wrong, are the first to flee the ship. After all, going against the Kalinouski regiment is not the same as beating women in the city streets.

Almost every Belarusian who was on the streets of the cities, everyone who was affected by the machine of repression, will help the Kalinouski regiment or even become its full-fledged fighter. Factory workers, doctors, military personnel, Belarusians who were forced to emigrate to other countries — this is a huge force that did not waste two years, but learned valor and honor. Every Belarusian who defends freedom is practically a member of Kalinouski's regiment. By joining forces, we will not leave a trace of the dictatorship on our land!

Artsiom Chernikau, exclusively for the Basta! Telegram channel