1 October 2023, Sunday, 12:03
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Belarusian Fighters In Ukraine Are Fearless Samurai

Belarusian Fighters In Ukraine Are Fearless Samurai

This is the gene pool of the nation and the future of the national security system of Belarus.

The first month of the direct participation of the Belarusian Pahonia Regiment in the Ukrainian hostilities has ended. They heve spent a month at the frontline of the main attack axis, that is a lot. It is already possible to draw the first cautious conclusions, Valer Sakhashchyk, one of the founders of the regiment, and the former commander of the Brest Air Assault Brigade, writes specially for Charter97.org.

The first conclusion.

The Belarusian diaspora in the Czech Republic promised to pray for us and they did it. God is saving us. All our guys are safe and sound, despite the fact that they have been in completely desperate alterations many times. We will never forget the help of our wonderful compatriots in this country. I am sure that when the Pahonia Regiment, after our Victory, settles in a beautiful garrison in the homeland, the street leading to the regiment's central checkpoint will bear the name of the Belarusian diaspora in the Czech Republic. Their help is huge, it has neither monetary nor material expression. They are the materialized soul of the Belarusian nation! They are putting in the touching postcards "VYARTAYTSESYA ZHYVYMI" (Come Back Alive - ed.) in each package with aid staff. The fighters keep it as the most precious thing and give it to their children.

The second conclusion.

No matter how hard everybody tried to mock us for the long preparation before combat operations. Now we see that we were right. Our unit was attached to a Ukrainian Brigade, and its command assesses our officers and soldiers professional level as exceptionally high, as well as the level of morale and motivation, cohesion of units, clear interaction in teams, mutual trust, friendship, collectivism.

During the preparations, we managed not only to give the fighters stable functional skills, but also to allow them to connect with strong bonds of true male friendship. This helps a lot in war: the ability to do your job skillfully, without doubting that your back is securely covered by a friend. We've managed to understand the specifics of this war (and there have been no such wars on Earth since the Korean War of 1950-53). We have worked out the correct program and training methodology, and we've implemented all this.

The third conclusion.

Our guys are the best. This is really the gene pool of the nation and the future of the national security system of Belarus.

Educated, resolute, fearless samurai, each of them deserves a novel.

There were two combat episodes this month. Both inscribed in the brigade's combat operations register as feats. Both times, our unit under the command of an officer with the call sign Ales was at the forefront of the attack of the orc tanks and motorized infantry, together with the Ukrainian, American and Georgian brothers. The guys fought cold-bloodedly, skillfully, and professionally. They destroyed the enemy that had broken through.

The medical evacuation unit, headed by the commander with the call sign Red, they just work miracle, pulling out wounded comrades from under fire 24/7. I am sure that Hollywood will make a movie based on their feats. Moreover, they also pulled out the Americans, unfortunately, not all of them survived.

The fourth conclusion.

We did the right thing by recruiting fewer people. Having tried out our plan to create a regiment of the 21st century, we can easily increase and grow. We will start doing this in the near future.


Our aerial reconnaissance detachment has completed its training and is moving forward for combat duty. The detachment is well equipped thanks to our patriotic sponsors.

Thanks to all kind people for their support. Your help, your prayers: this is the most important thing we need right now.