6 October 2022, Thursday, 10:42
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Kalinovite: Lukashenka's Troops May Have Been In Bucha

Kalinovite: Lukashenka's Troops May Have Been In Bucha

Some Belarusian special forces, together with Russians, took part in the battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ever since the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv, the flags of free Belarus, red and white, have been an integral part of the resistance to tyranny. One of the first who died during the Revolution of Dignity was Belarusian Mikhail Zhizneuski. He was killed while defending protesters by a sniper shot on January 22, 2014.

This murder showed that the fight against tyranny is a matter not only for Ukrainians but also for other peoples.

Belarusians fought against Russian aggression in Donbas in 2014 together with Ukrainians and volunteers from other countries. Then there was not a single volunteer battalion without volunteers from Belarus. A separate "Belarusian" company was even created in the Azov Regiment. But unfortunately, there were no separate Belarusian units. The first attempt to create a separate division was made in late 2014 and early 2015. Then the Belarus Tactical Group was created as part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. This unit took an active part in the battles in the Donbas despite the small number of just over 30 soldiers. Two of its fighters died in the battles near Volnovakha in 2016.

After the Belarusian 2020 protests caused by the falsification of the results of the presidential elections, during which Aliaksandr Lukashenka "won", and the subsequent detentions, and mass repressions, the number of Belarusian oppositionists in Ukraine significantly increased. At that time, the intensity of the fighting in Donbas significantly decreased and volunteer units practically did not take part in the hostilities. This contributed to the fact that the majority of Belarusian volunteers switched to political activities.

But the Belarusians stood up for Ukraine after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. One of the most famous Belarusian units was the Kastus Kalinouski regiment, the backbone of which was formed out of former fighters of the Belarus Tactical Group: ex-political prisoner Eduard Lobau, Belarusian opposition activist Yan Melnikau (“Belarus”), as well as fighters with the call signs “Vaiar”, “Zubr”, "Kit" and "Tur".

Polish Radio asked Aleh Auchynnikau, the current fighter, about the history of the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment:

— The Kalinouski Regiment today consists of Belarusians who fight as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. At the same time, we are fighting for the independence of Belarus. Therefore, as the great son of the Ukrainian people, Vyacheslav Chernovol, once said: “There will never be a free Ukraine without a free Belarus.” That is why we are now fighting here for the independence of the two countries.

The history of the regiment began from the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Then those Belarusians who participated in the war earlier, starting from 2014, united in territorial defence under the Azov Battalion to defend Kyiv from the onset of Russian troops. This unit began to grow, and a company was first formed on its basis within the Azov, a little later a battalion, which became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And now, with an increase in the number of volunteers, we are a regiment named after Kastus Kalinouski, which consists of two battalions. These two battalions are now taking part in the fighting at the front and the third battalion is still in the creation process.

It is also worth noting that in every military operation in which the regiment takes part, we clearly coordinate and work with the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We never act independently and never act separately from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Aleh Auchynnikau added that most of the fighters so far are Belarusian volunteers from European countries:

— The majority, about 90% of those who fight in our regiment are volunteers who came from Poland, Lithuania, Germany and other European countries, where they hid from repression by Lukashenka. Most of them know what struggle and freedom are and they are ready to fight for these values.

One of the main and most powerful attacks by the Russian army was against Kyiv. About 40,000 elite Russian units entered the Kyiv region from Belarus. But, they failed to march, they were stopped on the very first day on the line Irpen - Bucha - Hostomel. Volunteers from Belarus were among those who were the first to go into battle, not even having all the necessary equipment. They, together with Ukrainian and Russian volunteers, repelled the attack of the occupiers in the city of Bucha, during which two Belarusians were killed: Ilia Hrenau and Aleksei Skoblia.

However, even after repelling the attack of the Russian invaders and their withdrawal from the Kyiv region, the Russian Aerospace Forces continued to launch missiles and deliver air strikes from the territory of Belarus. At the same time, threats from dictator Lukashenka against Ukraine continue. Since May, near the border with Ukraine, the troops of the Republic of Belarus have been conducting large-scale exercises to form battle tactical groups. Many military experts and analysts indicate the possibility of an invasion of Lukashenka's troops in Ukraine. We addressed our interlocutor the question about the existing risks:

There is still the possibility of an invasion of Lukashenka's troops into Ukraine. But here it is worth paying attention to several important facts. First, the so-called. "Belarusian army", it is not Belarusian actually, not in its essence, not in other respects. This army is absolutely demoralized, this was especially noticeable in the first days of the war in Ukraine when the whole world saw a video of burning Russian tank columns near Irpin, Bucha and Kharkiv. Back then, even those who previously wanted to make war in Ukraine changed their minds and now, to put it mildly, they do not want to fight. They understand that if they enter Ukraine, then their “heroic” battle will last a maximum of 20 minutes. They will just be destroyed. Now the Ukrainian army is no longer the army that it was in 2014, and definitely, they will not have an easy walk, just like the Russian troops did not have an easy walk in February of this year.

It is also worth emphasizing that the so-called "Belarusian army" has no combat experience. It has not taken part in any armed conflict since World War II.

From time to time, various sources give information about the possible participation of special forces of the Republic of Belarus in the war against Ukraine. Aleh Auchynnikau said that these units were located in the city of Bucha, where one of the largest war crimes of the Russian army against Ukrainians took place:

— Yes, we have such information that some special forces, together with Russian units, took part in the battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There are even reports that these special forces were in Bucha and it is quite possible that they are involved in the killings of civilians. Here it is worth understanding one fact that they do this not for the first time. For many years they have been killing Belarusians, their own people. They have been killing those who somehow opposed Lukashenka. Therefore, the killing of peaceful and innocent people who are fighting for their freedom is nothing new for them.