19 August 2022, Friday, 15:00
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Nick And Mike: Siemens Leaves Belarus Causing Serious Problems For Belarusian NPP

Nick And Mike: Siemens Leaves Belarus Causing Serious Problems For Belarusian NPP

This could happen as early as June.

The information that Siemens still decided to leave the Belarusian market was confirmed. This could happen as early as June. Siemens is the largest supplier of gas turbines. The turbines are installed at the Biaroza and Lukoml State District Power Plants, as well as at the Novopolotsk TPP and Minsk TPP-5, the Nick and Mike telegram channel writes.

Notable that Siemens refused to install the necessary software on the supplied turbines. There is a question now about how to launch them and how they will work without software in general. Not to mention the maintenance.

What will be the result? They will launch obsolete and inferior in their efficiency blocks instead of new blocks. Accordingly, the costs will increase. As well as the load on these blocks. Considering their condition, the lack of spare parts and the maintenance personnel's competence decrease due to repressions and falling wages, all this can turn into serious problems for the energy system of Belarus.

Moreover, there are difficulties with electric boilers. All of the boilers were supplied from countries that are now on the list of enemies. This means that if something breaks, it is extremely difficult to fix it. One of these electric boilers has already failed in Beloozersk and it is out of service now.

We note that in recent years, electric boilers have been purchased to overcome the night energy dips consumption after the launch of the Belarusian NPP. However, now the plan may go downhill.

It is clear that no money is invested in infrastructure. The pits on the road are getting deeper, the bridges are coming to a more and more disturbing stance. The situation is the same in the spheres that are not obvious. And the problems accumulate. At one of the meetings, the Blue-fingered ordered to find resources at all costs in order to complete projects for which European structures began to give money.

However, it is obvious that there is no way to find money. They're just gone. This means that many projects will never be completed. The choice made by the junta in August 2020 started to destroy the country from the inside. And there is only one way to solve this situation.