7 July 2022, Thursday, 3:36
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“Army of Free Belarusians Is Reviving. It Means the Victory Over Lukashism Is About to Come”

“Army of Free Belarusians Is Reviving. It Means the Victory Over Lukashism Is About to Come”

The final word is up to the Belarusian men.

The Belarusian volunteers, who have announced the creation of a regiment named after Kastus Kalinouski, have set a goal to liberate Belarus from the Lukashenka regime. Charter97.org examined what hopes the people of Belarus had for our soldiers:

"It is a matter of pride that we have such brave Belarusians! They are real men! It's a historic time we live in, and these guys are changing history".

"Putin has organised the training of the warriors who will then destroy the cockroach. The skills will serve them well when storming the cottages in Drozy and the dictator's residence".

"These guys have set up the ground of Belarus' new army. Due to their efforts, not only the Belarusian People's Republic but also the army of the Belarusian Defence will be formed. All the pro-Lukashenka rotten thing should be buried and put a granite stone on for no Lukashism, no Putinism and no Fascism to ever exist on our land!"

"You, the best sons of your country, have chosen a difficult path to follow, bringing freedom to Ukraine, bleeding heavily, and to Belarus, moaning under boots of occupiers. We believe the time will come, and you together with other warriors of light will come to liberate our beloved Belarus!"

"I hope that a proper Belarusian National Army will be created in Ukraine. After the fall of Moscow, this army will have a hard task to liberate Belarus from the evil, Moscow-inspired authorities. The people of Belarus will support it. There will be an assault on the palace of evil, the reckoning to pay for the crimes committed against our homeland by cops, traitors, and Moscow yes-men. Later on, one will set up a territorial defence and give arms to the civil society".

"All the types of security forces, you'd better surrender, when it all starts, you'll be destroyed. You can redeem your character if you turn back your weapons against Lukashenka and your commanders. I would not recommend raising arms against the Kalinouski fighters - you will be mercilessly annihilated. You have nothing to rely on."

"There are a lot of such Belarusians, like in the regiment. Polina alone, whose courage will be described in books, is one of the nation's best kept in jail. As for the Belarusians in the country... They all seem to have been dispersed and put in jail, but every day you see a new hero".

"Thank you so much, Kalinouski fighters! It is very encouraging that there is a national Belarusian battalion with the name of a real warrior for a free and independent Belarus. We, local patriots, will be waiting for you to mobilize your troops for the liberation of Belarus from the evil one. Long Live Belarus! Hail to the warriors of Ukraine!"

"Belarusians, join the regiment of Kastus Kalinouski. This is the backbone of the Belarusian liberation army, which defeats Lukashenka's executioners and brings freedom to the people of Belarus!"

"Our Belarusian Liberation Army is being born during the fights for brotherly Ukraine".

"Tremble, cockroach and your Gubopik. On the way to Drozy, this regiment will turn into an army, joining the masses of Belarusians along the way. Tremble, Special Forces, Marjina Gorka and Brest. You will not be able to stop these motivated people."

"It is clear that people who have been brutally deprived of their right to choose, of their hope to improve their lives, have remained. It is, figuratively speaking, the explosive in the shell. What is needed is a fuse, a detonator, which triggers a serious process. Bouquets and hearts will become useless. It is clear that this hardened and battle-experienced unit will be the serious detonator."

"When a schoolboy climbs up a rope, any movement of the rope below creates tremendous vibrations at the top and makes it difficult to climb. When a man has come out to fight against the riot police, he surely hopes to have an equally strong shoulder to lean on, not a pink ball on a thin string."

"The victory of the AFU over the Russian invaders, and the Liberation Army of Kastus Kalinouski, which is fighting for brotherly Ukraine will bring the end of the Lukashism and the liberation of Belarus from the Russian occupation! The entire country, thousands of innocent people in the hands of the Lukashenka regime are waiting on you. Hail to Ukraine! Long Live Belarus!".

"Lukashenka wanted to talk to the people from a position of strength. He will get it".

"The cockroach will be defeated! The people will come out to meet the people's liberation army of Kalinouski!"

"All the law enforcers, I offer you to lay down your arms and immediately join Kalinouski fighters when the heat is on. The Kalinouski guys are motivated, they know how to use weapons, unlike you, and long for revenge. You may be able to save your life if you join them. Otherwise, you will be destroyed."

"Belarusian riot police will march through the central streets of Minsk with balloons in their hands before being sent to penal institutions for the betterment of the bright future of our European homeland".

"There will be revenge! We will do our best to sweep away this filth from the Belarusian land! We have the lists, the addresses, too; it's just a matter of time."

"The Belarusian women's word came first, now it is the time for Belarusian men to take the floor. We should be ready for decisive actions, for the liberation of Belarus."

"Rise up, Belarusians. The Ukrainians are our closest neighbours and blood brothers. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers against the invaders. Beat the enemy for the tears of Ukrainian mothers, for the deaths of Ukrainian children."

"How it's nice that there are brave men in Belarus. I wish we could free all those who have found the courage to go against the regime."

"A great number of Belarusians not only support the Kalinouski regiment but will be glad to join it as soon as it enters Belarus! Hail to Kalinouski fighters!"

"Finally, an army of future, free Belarusians is reviving! It means that the victory over Lukashism is about to come," write Charter97.org readers.