27 September 2022, Tuesday, 20:08
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

“Soon Lukashenka Will Have No Money Left To Refuel His Plane And Escape The Country”

“Soon Lukashenka Will Have No Money Left To Refuel His Plane And Escape The Country”

Sanctions bring the end of the regime closer.

Prime Minister Halouchanka complained that due to economic sanctions imposed against the Lukashenka regime recently, exports to the EU and North America have been blocked in the amount of $16-18 billion a year. The regime found itself in the most difficult economic situation of its existence.

The site Charter97.org looked at what our readers think about the sanctions.

“So many times the democratic community shouted to the whole world that democracy in Belarus is a guarantee of security in Europe. No one wanted to listen, because it is profitable to trade with the usurper. Now you've got it. Now the schizophrenic is not only our headache, but also for Europe and America. If you had heard the voice of the Belarusians earlier, none of this would have happened.”

“Maybe you still don’t understand that these non-humans have nothing to do with the fate of people? These creatures are only interested in their rich existence. They sacrificed the health and lives of thousands of people many times. Nobody stopped them. Now the bunker dwarf with our mad dog will go even further, undoubtedly”.

"To start with, Ukraine should stop buying oil products from the fascist Lukashenka regime. Stop funding your enemy!”

“The hybrid war against the European Union has been waged by Putin and his crafty, cunningly combed knight for a long time. The West needs to be tougher to repulse these attacks. They don't understand any other language."

"Numerous handouts from all sides, not just from orcs, have rendered the link between economy and society meaningless."

“Soon Lukashenka will have no money left to refuel his plane and escape the country.”

"The regime needs money. And don't argue. The gas went out. Oil is badly taken. In general, the people must pay for the royal life of the regime. The regime used to live large."

"The bottom of the Mariana Trench of the economy is broken, no one knows where we are falling."

“Our enterprises would flourish and work for Bosch, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Chrysler without fraternal occupation. Like in the former Soviet bloc countries."

“Import substitution in action – full counters will be replaced by empty ones. You dreamed about the USSR, well, get what you want, don't complain."

“Have you tried to modernize to produce modern products? There are no technologies, no machines, but they join the union. Well, stay in the union further."

“With import substitution, the country will live in the 60-70s of the 20th century, while the whole civilization lives in 2022. That's it."

"As they say, there will be no oranges aspen."

"It should have been made and imposed a long time ago to let them feel all the delights of the embargo."

"It doesn't matter what the convulsions of a regime degenerating into North Korea look like."

“Someone said a year and a half ago that the sanctions just make the Belarusian economy stronger. Do you remember who blurted it out?"

“We have all been living for a long time not in the “sasuta” [ed. -Lukashenka's expression, originally 'crystal bin'] and in the “mirror-world”. To understand what is happening, you need to perceive everything exactly the opposite. It means, they say “80% for!” but you are to hear “80% against!”. They say “sanctions only strengthen our economy” and that means “sanctions drive our economy into a hole”, etc. In this case everything falls into place."

“It's terrible. It turns out. For so many years they have been reselling goods from Poland under the guise of their own. It turned out that there was nothing to feed the cattle. Apples have tripled in price. Domestic apples turned out to be gold. Polish milk. Polish meat. They supplied the goods through Bruzgi and similar transhipment bases to Belarus and Russia. It's terrible. Cigarette smuggling. Oil and gasoline. Is there at least one kind with no smuggling? It's terrible."

"There has been nothing in stores (cabbage, potatoes, apples, onions, garlic and much more) produced in Belarus for a long time. Everything was purchased abroad (China, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Greece) and passed off as grown in Belarus.”

“Sanctions were imposed, jacked in and the truth of life surfaced.”

“Look through a broader lens. There are no problems with monopolies, but there is a problem that Belarus is in international isolation together with Russia. There are no problems with monopolies, but there is a problem that Belarus is in international isolation together with Russia. In the modern world, where everything is globalized, it is impossible to live normally in isolation from the whole planet and especially from European neighbors. As long as Belarus is part of the “Russian world”, which opposes itself to Western civilization, this madhouse will continue for a long time.”

“Looking at how stubbornly the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus want to live in the 30s of the 20th century, in the USSR or Nazi Germany, there is a chance to be there, not only with the technologies and standard of living of that time but also with all the charms of the fascist and Bolshevik terror."

“There is nothing to discuss with Lukashenka and Putin and extend a helping hand. They got dirty by themselves, let them clear up the mess themselves. They are used to spoil everyone, and then as for help. It will catch up with you in the end”.

“The EU is determined to ensure that all those responsible for political repression in Belarus are brought to justice. The EU determination — in action! To arrest and judge the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the entire Belarusian OMON personnel, the Defense Council of the Republic of Belarus, and the command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus for their provocations on the border of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland, political judges and their KGB curators. To arrest them within EU and Turkish borders. It will be very positive if Lukashist criminals are caught lukewarm in the resorts of Egypt and Thailand!”

“Keep it simple. The cockroach family owns property in the Emirates and Dubai. Where would they go? But it is impossible to fly through the airspace of Europe, they are not allowed. But to fly through Mordor, it is scary, they will be noticed as traitors and will be brought down. The result of his leg-split".

"30% of GDP. It is so sad, of course, and the situation is not getting better. The Lukashist could just wait on the sidelines during this war and would live in peace. Everyone would have forgotten about him in all these events, but in the end, the older brother brought him more problems than all the enemies."

“Well, it already looks like a heavy blow to the stomach. The rest of the exports will stop, smuggling will be eliminated, plus there will be an avalanche of non-payments on equipment leasing. Many transport firms were tightly tied to specific exporters of timber, chemicals, and glass. They're dead."

“Sanctions will crush – that’s all. They won’t even waste munitions,” Charter97.org readers write.