6 February 2023, Monday, 21:54
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Buk SAM System Shoots Down Russian Cruise Missile: Impressive Accuracy

Buk SAM System Shoots Down Russian Cruise Missile: Impressive Accuracy

It took 16 seconds for the Ukrainian crew to shoot down the missile.

The AFU fighters have published a video of the Buk SAM crew's work. The video shows the shooting down of one of the Russian missiles flying on December 5.

The information was made public by the Telegram channel of Andrey Tsaplienko, a military journalist.

The video, recorded during the Russian missile attack, lasts 19 seconds. Of those, 16 seconds is the time it took the crew to shoot down the Russian shell.

The first footage shows the Buk surface-to-air missile launcher awaiting a Russian cruise missile somewhere in the middle of the field in the evening - just before sunset.

At the moment of launch the flame bursts out and the missile soars rapidly upwards.

At a certain point the missile becomes visible as it turns around and begins to move towards the target.

The camera is pointed straight at the evening sky. The Buka missile is clearly visible. And in order to spot the Russian missile flying towards a Ukrainian civilian city, one must have sharp eyes and, of course, special equipment.

The missiles approach each other evenly.

At some point both missiles disappear, but after a moment a flash in the sky can be seen - the Russian cruise missile targeting an important facility in Ukraine has been destroyed.

We note that during the December 5 missile attack, Russia fired 70 cruise missiles at Ukraine. About 60 missiles were shot down. One of the destroyed missiles is in the published video.