6 July 2022, Wednesday, 5:01
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The Collapse of Russia and the End for Lukashenka Begins After the First Shot at Ukraine”

The Collapse of Russia and the End for Lukashenka Begins After the First Shot at Ukraine”

A military adventure could cause popular uprisings.

The Kremlin and its puppet Lukashenka continue to escalate the situation on the Ukrainian border. Intelligence agencies of Western countries point out that full-scale aggression can begin at any moment.

What does await Putin and Lukashenka if they decide to invade Ukraine? Are the Belarusians ready to counteract the plans of the two dictators? Charter97.org collected readers' opinions on the subject.

"Warriors, go home, it won't be an easy promenade to Ukraine for you. You will get "cargo-200" (dead bodies), then don't cry. You sent them to kill."

"It's enough of the hysteria. A thug never attacks anyone from whom he has even the slightest chance to get a fight back. The Ukrainian army is strong today. The maximum Putin will do is send a couple of hundred 'DPRs' to the slaughter as a provocation."

"Russian military! Take the side of Ukraine, do not die for Putler's crooks and thieves, who steal, destroy Russia, taking its wealth, their children and grandchildren to NATO countries, and leaving Russians with poverty, death, hunger."

"The process of Russia's collapse will begin after the first shot at Ukraine under the flag of the Russian Federation."

"Not only the collapse of Russia but also the end of Lukashenka."

"This war or not war will be completely lost and bring the collapse of the imperial system and its satellite! The world community stands in front of the aggressor! In the rear, the angry civilian population of Belarus! Only a psychopath can dare to conduct hostilities in this situation".

"Russia, even in the years of its greatest power, could not cope with the occupied part of Europe. In the days after the 2nd World War, having put corrupt regimes in the neighbouring countries, Russia again and again introduced troops to keep them from running away from the Warsaw Pact. As soon as it "shook off," the Eastern European countries immediately returned and promptly joined NATO. Russia has no resources for Crimea and the Lukashenka regime, let alone for the occupation of Ukraine and Poland".

"This is a chance for China and Japan. In case of war with Ukraine and heavy losses of the Russian Armed Forces, it will be possible to return the Kurils and seize Siberia. In general, cut Russia into pieces. The Finns will also want their land back, etc."

"The war could spread to Russian territory, where, by the laws of the genre, it would turn into a civil one."

"I want to ask the Russian Vanya from the province, and perhaps from the cities: Vanya, do you need this war? Do you want to get punched in the face by the defenders? Do you want to continue your impoverishment because of the forced sanctions imposed just from Putin's brazen actions? Do you think that NATO and Ukraine want to enslave you and your patched up pants? With respect to all who want peace and who love freedom. Hail to the Heroes! I'm waiting for a reply from Vanya. Well, is there even one?"

"The Belarusians won't shoot the Ukrainians; it's not our war. It's not clear what Luka hopes for".

"Both dictators do not care about the Belarusian people. Both are obsessed with power and are not going to let it out of their hands. They have arms wet to the elbows with blood. One, like a monkey, is pulling the other chestnuts out of the fire. He has not said a word. He is dependent. He sold, the bastard, his "beloved", clinging to the golden toilet bowl. He will not hesitate to throw the Belarusian soldiers into the pit of war to please the Kremlin master. As in Afghanistan, they will be 18-year-old boys, with no experience, cannon fodder. I am so sick and tired of this junta!"

"The trap for Putin is where he doesn't expect it. In Russia itself. He has no strong backing at all. His military adventures can go up in flames. After all, why should Russians go to war with Ukraine? Nobody will be able to explain it. But there will be corpses. They will go to Russia's rear."

"The war unleashed by despicable Russia has been going on for eight years. Russian-fascist troops have already invaded Ukrainian territory in the Donbas. NATO will not attack but only help the Ukrainians with advanced weapons. The Ukrainians will destroy the Russians."

"Mordor will collapse from overstretching."

"There will be no war, the moth is flailing around in agony trying to scare the porcupine with its bare ass. An invasion is impossible for a number of good reasons. These include the lack of motivation among conscripts, there are almost no contract servicemen there, then the lack of unexpectedness, the most important factor is time. It delays the possibility of going to war because of China's warning against starting hostilities during the Olympics and the weeks after it. All of this puts the Kremlin's Karlusha in an idiotic position, a complete collapse of his ambitions. He is finished as a politician and president."

"It is clear that Putin's adventure is doomed to failure.

1. The production and delivery of Javelins and Stingers are much cheaper and faster than the production and delivery of military hardware.

2. It is much cheaper and quicker to dispose of a wartime occupant than to birth and raise a new one.

A country whose rulers do not see this obvious perspective is doomed to imminent internal chaos and collapse."

"The USSR collapsed, and the Russian Federation will collapse even faster. The U.S. ruined it with an arms race, with no war between them, only a cold war. Then even sent help hungry Russians. No big deal. Russia is stepping on its rake again and will get a hit."

"The Orcs of the Horde will lose the battle and flee to their nomad camp. The Belarusians under the white-red-white flag will come after them with weapons."

"Now huge bulls have entered the battle arena, as well as equally large bullfighters. I guarantee that the blue-fingered is no longer glad to get involved. Belarus may become an unwilling participant in a big geopolitical scramble. Nothing depends on Lukashenka anymore.

"In such troubled waters, one can try to fish - to throw Luka off and drive the yabatkas under the carpet."

"Belarusians, cut your stupid agro-fascist down. He is wearing a warrant officer uniform. He will send you to death, not in your war!" write the readers of Charter97.org.