6 July 2022, Wednesday, 4:24
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"There's a Ground for Rumors of Lukashenka's Serious Illness"

"There's a Ground for Rumors of Lukashenka's Serious Illness"

The tyrant's mind is extremely controversial.

We will not guess why one day Lukashenka decided to go against the bright mission of serving the people of Belarus. Let us simply compare. The people have a plan: the majority wants to remove the dictator from office. What is Lukashenka's plan? It is vague and "multi-vector": to change the constitution and "not to give up the beloved", to promise free elections or appoint Kochanova as a successor, or a woman has no place in politics ... Everything is too contradictory. There's a good ground for rumors about Lukashenka's serious illness, says the Lyusterka ulady telegram channel.

The dangerous thing is that as long as the dictator remains in the scenario, no people will remain in Belarus. "Highly qualified specialists of the most promising and modern industries have already left the country, someone is in jail. The number of workers at industrial enterprises is also decreasing. Because apart from the economic factors (we have already written that no economic miracle can happen in such a format), political repressions have come. This already affects the entire economy. No workers -production sinks - nothing to sell - money. No Constitution can fix it.

The situation with the persecution of people is more incomprehensible because they supported or gave their signatures for Babariko, Tsepkalo, Tikhanovskaya in spring 2020. That is, people acted within the established rules for the election of the president, did not violate the legislation of the country. Now they become an object of punitive laws. However, it is not surprising. Everything is still within the swing of "multi-vector" in the tyrant's head.