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“All That Doctors Can Do Is Attach IV Drips to Dilute COVID Blood”

“All That Doctors Can Do Is Attach IV Drips to Dilute COVID Blood”
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Coronavirus is raging in Belarus.

The Ministry of Health has officially recognized the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Belarus. A third of the country's hospital fund was re-profiled for patients with the "corona." Twice as many patients as in previous waves need oxygen support, doctors say. However, vaccinated patients tolerate the disease much easier, the Radio Svaboda website writes.

"Insidious COVID is intelligent, it can adapt to antipyretic drugs"

On September 13, the whole family of the leader of the RPO Perspektiva Anatoly Shumchenko fell ill with COVID-19. He is in a rather serious condition in the cardiology department of the 1st clinical hospital, which was completely redesigned for patients with coronavirus infection at the end of last week.

Anatoly began to fever about 10 days ago and briefly writes down his entire "medical history" on Facebook.

“Computed tomography is only prescribed by a doctor. The doctor did not contact me. There is no treatment - just aspirin, vitamins C, D, and zinc, lots of water,” he wrote on Facebook on September 13.

On September 14, an ambulance took Anatoly to the 1st city clinical hospital. His temperature rose to 39 degrees, computed tomography showed 25% of lung damage, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Anatoly wrote that a neighbor, vaccinated by Sputnik, was lying next to him in the ward: "He has shortness of breath, it is difficult for him to walk; he has lung damage."

According to Mr. Shumchenko, vaccines cannot keep up with the mutation of new strains.

“All that doctors can do is attach IV drips to dilute covid blood, put an injection of heparin into the abdomen against thrombosis, bring down the temperature; if possible, give oxygen and raise oxygen saturation. Everything else depends on your body.

The insidious covid is intelligent; moreover, it can adapt to antipyretics: the first time, they bring down the temperature, and then the drugs do not work.

Today my traditional "troichatka" and paracetamol in droppers did not work, and the temperature rose to 39.1 by evening. I had to inject hormones. So far it worked, but the question is, how much it worked and what will happen next. "Troichatka" also perfectly brought down the temperature until now,” Anatoly wrote on 15 September.

Until now, he is given a lot of IVs. The businessman jokes that the only veins left are on his wrist. The fever is still high, and the tests are bad. On the morning of September 20, his sats dropped to 88 (sats below 92 are considered critical).

As for the work of doctors, Anatoly writes: "The staff is courteous and polite. They work without sparing themselves."