24 October 2021, Sunday, 22:01
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The Know-How Of Belarusian Protest

The Know-How Of Belarusian Protest

The kolkhoz dictatorship has been outdated since long ago.

The Belarusian protest can be called one of the most original resistances in world history. It is constantly changing, and takes on more and more original forms that correspond to modern trends. Bright protest posters, poems, songs, clothing items. Everything the Belarusians touched became a protest. And one of the most memorable forms of resistance was the flash mobs that played an important role in our revolution.

This is undoubtedly a powerful tool for finding each other and understanding that there are many of us. Remember how bright the dances to the “Jerusalem” song were, which went viral over the planet. It seemed not such a simple flash mob: to get together, to learn the movements for everyone, to shoot everything beautifully, but the Belarusians did it as coolly as possible. And the flash mob "# Us_97%", which began due to a simple opinion poll, hit the usurper and his entourage as hard as possible. It seems that he has developed a real phobia of this number.

Leader of the labor movement Siarhei Dyleuski addressed the Belarusians and called for a new flash mob - “#Let there be_strike”.

Not much is required from the participants. Take a simple sheet of paper, write on it, draw, print the inscription "# let there be_strike". Take a photo. Easy peasy. And that's why the flash mob was a success. Already today, having opened news resources, we see the response of ordinary Belarusians. People from a wide variety of professions have joined the action and are sharing their photos. Looking at how many of us there are, there is no doubt that everything will work out!

Siarhei Dyleuski is a strong leader with a modern approach to problem solving. He seeks the safest and most understandable forms.

The kolkhoz dictatorship has been outdated for a long time, and still uses ancient methods. That is why modern and new forms of protest will topple it. “Home strike” will be a novelty for the whole country, but it is possible that it will be adopted by workers around the world.

Join the flash mob, shop for food for the Belarusian strike, and get ready to stay at home!

Let there be a strike!

Artsiom Chernikau, exclusively for the Basta! Telegram channel