19 October 2021, Tuesday, 1:35
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Why Did Sheiman Shave Off His Mustache?

Why Did Sheiman Shave Off His Mustache?

The troughers began to fuss.

On August 25, at the cockroach reception, Sheiman, who had retired, appeared completely unexpectedly. They were discussing the results of his accomplice's trip to Latin America.

In addition to the interesting fact why the former business manager is seeking refuge for the family of the usurper, we observe the absence of a mustache from the colonel general. Is the change in appearance due to paranoia, or a performance art against cockroaches?

Panic engulfs all the regime's troughers. The heads of Belarusian enterprises have not been expecting anything good for a long time. Almost 55% of managers reported to the National Bank about the shortcomings of working capital. Everyone understands that the situation in production will only get worse under the regime. Maybe it's time for you to support the strike and just stay home. After all, you won't be able to go to either Zimbabwe or certainly Latin America.

The sanctions have already dealt a powerful blow to the Lucanomics. But you can't even imagine what the Belarusian workers are capable of. It's easier to be with the workers than to look for a place to run to. Even with your salaries, it will be difficult to get plastic surgery. And not everyone wears a mustache just to shave it off.

You ask us to tighten our belts, but it is impossible to tighten what has been tightened for 27 years. The conclusion suggests itself: a strike is inevitable.

No matter how anyone postpones, no matter what they say, the strike will take place in any case, and its effect will be decisive in the Belarusian revolution.

Belarusians have already achieved world-class success. Rallies of solidarity with our country are taking place all over the world. Civilized countries have imposed sectoral sanctions against the regime.

But we ourselves must finish our business. To decide our fate within the country. We, as citizens of the country, must deprive the family of the usurper and his accomplices of food.

A strike + sanctions are the solution to all problems. The sword of Damocles has long been hanging over the usurper. His departure is inevitable. When? It depends only on us.

There will be a strike!

Artem Chernikov, specially for Basta!