14 August 2022, Sunday, 21:57
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Disastrous Result

Disastrous Result

When from under the whiplash, the efficiency suffers - it is scientifically proved.

Kommersant observer Dmitry Drize commented on the performance of Belarusian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

- The results of Belarus at the Olympic Games in Tokyo are disastrous - zero medals. And this is even though Lukashenka admonished his delegation as if before being sent to the front. According to Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the slogan “sports outside politics” is outdated. The West is choking us with sanctions - so give them all a worthy rebuff.

According to his observations, so far the frontline admonishment does not work.

- And this is doubly offensive against the background of Russian successes. Russia is, of course, an ally, but, by and large, it also should be demonstrated what Belarusians are made of.

Kommersant reminded of how Lukashenka explained the reason for the failures at the Olympics. He said: "On the one hand, it's greed - except for money, athletes see nothing, and on the other is revolutionary protest moods."

- Indeed, there is discontent in the sports environment, as well as in all other environments. At the same time, it is difficult to say how much such a performance will stimulate the Olympians to improve and perform better, says the columnist for the publication. And he warns that "Belarus risks being left without a national team." There were already examples in history when athletes from non-free countries became non-returners.

- The fact that Lukashenka talks about this is not surprising. It is bad that this point of view sometimes dominates the minds. After all, we do not have serfdom. After all, the task of the state is not to raise athletes loyal to itself, as well as artists, musicians, writers, and poets, and, in case of failure or disobedience, to subject them all to a public flogging, writes Dmitry Drize.

And he makes a disappointing forecast:

- This kind of thinking is unlikely to contribute to high achievements. It's just that the time is a little different now - it is not the 18th century or even the 19th century. When from under the whiplash, the efficiency suffers - it is scientifically proved.