19 October 2021, Tuesday, 2:36
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Belarus Will Never Be the Same

Belarus Will Never Be the Same

We just need to remember the hot August 2020.

The anniversary of the beginning of the protests in Belarus is very soon. Anniversary of the day that changed all Belarusians. The day when we did not begin to tolerate another lie. The day we stood up for freedom, the reader shares his opinion with the Basta! Telegram-channel.

Just remember in your head how much has happened during this difficult year. All this was supposed to happen, but no one expected such a massive scale. The whole world knows about us, Belarusians. The strength of our solidarity and mutual assistance has spread through the headlines of the world media, and we have only become stronger. Let's be optimistic, thoughts are material, and we cannot give up, even in our heads.

There is no doubt that Belarus will never be the same. After all that has happened, no one simply wants to live in the old way. Freedom is not what we were given. This is something that cannot be taken away from us (François-Marie Arouet). No matter how much the regime wriggles, all of them, the usurper's henchmen, are well aware that they are finished. We just need to remember the hot August 2020, spread our wings and show them again that we are a free nation.

We just have to keep fighting. This applies to absolutely every citizen of the country. Our brothers and sisters, someone's children and parents were captured. We cannot forgive the enemy for this. After all, Belarusians are one big family united for one goal, which we will definitely achieve.

No matter how old you are, no matter what kind of employment you have, you are a Belarusian, which means that a lot depends on you. Only together will we get what we want. Only together we will return our country to us. They are nobody else here, it's time to clean up the trash for our holiday of freedom.

Long live Belarus!