25 October 2021, Monday, 20:42
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Actress Yulia Vysotskaya Supported Free Kupalauski Theater Actors

Actress Yulia Vysotskaya Supported Free Kupalauski Theater Actors
Yulia Vysotskaya

She stated that she did not doubt for a second that the actors would leave the theater in protest.

Russian actress Yulia Vysotskaya gave an interview to the Tell Gordeeva project. She spoke about the situation in the Kupalauski Theater, where she worked at one time.

- I don't even understand how those who stayed there could have stayed. I don’t understand this. That they were gone, I did not doubt it for a second. When I recently saw one girl - she studied two years older before me - and she sobbed, admitting the mistake of her colleagues who had left, this is strange to me. This is really weird. It seems to me that then it is better to be silent. This is somehow nobler.

- It can be scary to say your position out loud. Especially the artist.

- Certainly. Then it's better to be silent.

As tut.by notes, it seems to be about an episode on February 19, 2021 - then Aliaksandr Lukashenka visited the Kupalauski Theater, watched a fragment of the rehearsal of the play Paulinka, and also met with the actors. His actions were supported by the actress Olga Nefedova.