16 May 2021, Sunday, 4:56
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Vitaly Gurkov Reflects on the Victory of the Revolution: We Must Hold Out Until the 12th Round

Vitaly Gurkov Reflects on the Victory of the Revolution: We Must Hold Out Until the 12th Round
Vitaly Gurkov

We've already passed half of the rounds.

Belarusian kickboxer, many-time world champion and singer of BRUTTO band Vitaly Gurkov answered questions of Radio Svaboda about the Belarusian revolution.

- What sports metaphor would you offer to describe the Belarusian revolution?

- We need to hold out until the 12th round. Exactly, we've already passed half of the rounds. No one knows how the next rounds will pass. We should be stronger, more cautious and careful, retain concentration. And everything will be fine. The answer to this question depends on what you consider a victory. I believe that a victory is an independence, free Belarus, our language, culture and history.

- What did you say about Belarus at the meeting with President Volodymir Zelensky?

- It was an informal conversation on the title of Honoured Artist of Ukraine to Sergei V. Mikhalok. We discussed the current situation in Belarus. We heard about the laws for IT workers, increasing the stay in Ukraine for the Belarusians. Something is being done. We see how many Belarusians have left for Ukraine. Wherever you are - Lviv, Odesa or Kyiv - there are a lot of Belarusians. I have a lot of Belarusians training. Some left 2-3 months before the events, some later, some a year ago. Belarusians in Ukraine have different stories.

- When will it end?

- Belarusians are positive, so they want an answer to the question of when it will all end. After the New Year, in spring, on March 25, on May 9... Let's not set any dates, let's not deceive or be deceived. Do what you should do.

- Why is it important to give up alcohol and tobacco and join the healthy lifestyle team?

- Belarusians need a boost of vigour and determination. Athletes, as socially responsible people, supported the initiative of the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation. We should stay healthy, cheer up and get rid of the negative environment. Exercises keep the general mood and physical well-being. Besides, one can join the great campaign of free athletes in Belarus.

- Do Lukashenka and his entourage live a healthy lifestyle?

- We've all seen the people at the "All-Belarusian People's Assembly". It's enough to look at their faces, figures, and you can immediately guess who is going in for sports and who is not.

- Why shouldn't one buy cigarettes and alcohol?

- I smoked only in primary school until my parents gave me beans. Tobacco and alcohol ruin lives, families break up. It's evil. When I was at school, there were kiosks with bottled beer and cigarettes near my school. Then they were removed. Now, there are Tabakerka all over the city again - near hospitals, schools, all bus stops. Giving up alcohol and cigarettes will play a positive role in life, no matter what country it produces and sells.