14 April 2021, Wednesday, 13:48
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There Is Discord Within the System: The Fourth Department of the KGB Opposed the Regime

There Is Discord Within the System: The Fourth Department of the KGB Opposed the Regime

There are many people disloyal to the authorities in the Investigative Committee, the OAC, and even the GUBOPiK.

Former diplomat Valery Kavaleuski called on the security forces to leave the system, Belsat reports.

Valery Kavaleuski mentioned the trial of the witness to the murder of Henadz Shutau, Aliaksandr Kardzukou. The killer himself, Raman Haurylau, spoke there. His identity was not hidden, and he testified with an open face. And the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs testify in balaclavas and under false names. This, according to Kavaleuski, indicates that all perpetrators will be handed over.

"Lukashenka is trying to find loyal ones in a country where there are no loyal ones. He himself confesses this, indignant that he will deal with all the "zmahary," "incredible," and "white-red-white ones" inside the system. But, apart from the group of people who helped to seize power after the elections, there is no one else to trust him. And that's why Lukashenka's paranoia engulfs his vertical every day," the ex-diplomat said.

Kavaleuski claims that there is discord within the system, and Lukashenka is losing his supporters there. People who stay there are constantly being tested for loyalty.

"He did not dare to disperse the disloyal in the fall so that you would not join the ranks of the protesters. And so now he is purging everyone who signed for another candidate, who did not detain the person with the flag, who chose to abide by the law and not dirty their hands with criminal orders. He throws you out of the system one by one, organizing queues for the polygraph by departments.

The fourth department of the KGB - for the protection of the constitutional order - was completely suspended. There are dismissals in the IC, the OAC [under the KGB], and even the GUBOPiK. An active purging of all central offices is taking place."

Kavaleuski also claims that it is difficult for the authorities to fill vacancies within the system. So, the Department of Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is already taking people with administrative offenses that are not related to traffic rules.

"This has never happened before. Experienced professionals among prosecutors, judges, and investigators are being replaced by young professionals in order to use them as a machine to pass unfounded judgments to journalists and doctors."

Kavaleuski calls on security officials to join ByPol. He assures that there will be a place in the new Belarus for those who defend the people and the law.