27 November 2021, Saturday, 9:07
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Opinion: Russia Is Preparing a Lantern on Which Lukashenka Will Be “Hung”

Opinion: Russia Is Preparing a Lantern on Which Lukashenka Will Be “Hung”

A program to discredit Cockroach has begun.

For several days in a row, we have received signals that Russia is deliberately poking at Lukashenka with the spearhead of propaganda, the CYNIC telegram channel writes.

First, we saw the broadcast on NTV, in which they openly stated that it was time to throw Luka out of his chair. They also clarified that Lukashenka has no special achievements, although, before that, there was a complete ban on mentioning Luka in a bad context on all federal channels - there is nothing good to say about him, so there is simply a ban on mentioning Lukashenka.

Then we find out that the Kremlin is making contact with the West, although at the same time Putin is speaking, who tells a lot of funny things, the meaning of which is to work for the "pro-government audience" - the "patriots" have not yet shown a nod towards the West. We recorded the signal - Nuland is happy, Biden is in standby mode.

And today the "poll" was leaked, which was done in the summer specially for the Presidential Administration. It is worth clarifying that, in authoritarian states, only polls for the administration are representative and honest - everything else is an instrument of the political game. It is too early to speak about the truthfulness of the report, but it is already possible to say that it has been coordinated with some Kremlin forces.

Let me remind you that, even before that, we saw how the head of Komsomolskaya Pravda abruptly moved from a soft position to the phrase “Minsk's big mistake” and then actually declared that it was time to finish with Luka. It looks very much like a coordinated message.

Actually, because of these messages, Luka has been in a state of panic and numbness for the past few days, declaring complete nonsense. They made an idiot out of Luka by reposting his statement about "curing cancer with covid" for Russian readers to make a circular motion with their index fingers near their heads. Luka set himself up - the phrase was trivially used: they had to make excuses that, in the phrase with the message "because of the higher incidence of covid, there is less cancer, and this is good because it is easier for us to treat covid, but for you - I don’t know," there is a second bottom, but neither double nor triple meaning is embedded in it - not even the first has been found.

Let's return to the poll: the majority of Belarusian citizens are against integration and for the overthrow of Lukashenka.

This data is a dart into the palace, and the inhabitants of the palace have realized this.

In Russia, a program to discredit Lukashenka has slowly begun - while they are slowly probing the situation, step by step moving the board and tightening the noose around his neck. A possible compromise with the United States and the presence of direct agreements between the leaders of the Russian Federation and the United States play on the nerves of the "helmsman."

The "online meeting" was only the first disturbing blow to the heart of "Europe's last dictator." A sword on the ground, the head on a scaffold - you will have to pay for everything in this life, and it seems that Russia (if Luka does not announce a sensational deal) will gladly strangle Luka in a sadistic way for all the long years of betrayal...

If Lukashenka tries to get off the deal, then all the guns will go off. He will remain tete-a-tete with the people and the sanctions list. And then the collective geopolitical force will slowly begin to cut it - brutally and sadistically - without a guillotine - and the stage of "Lukashenka's dictatorship" will end with a rusty, unsharpened knife.

The case is added by the material of Nezavisimaya Gazeta about the strike.

In the meantime, we were given too many signals. It's time to bring diapers to the palace by bulldozers. They will soon run out of them.