30 November 2021, Tuesday, 8:20
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Lukashenka Being Prophet Of His Own Doom

Lukashenka Being Prophet Of His Own Doom

Officials sincerely resort to the tactics of the Italian strike.

Lukashenka holds a meeting on COVID, where he lifts restrictions. He speaks a lot, often repeating the same theses, trying to speak reality. “These are all fakes, fakes, fakes” he goes until he gets blue in the face. There is a feeling that the administration is telling him that the country has plunged into epidemiological chaos and resembles a “plague barrack”. He cannot control anything - neither the execution of orders, nor the implementation of plans, writes the CYNIC Telegram channel.

Lukashenka himself says that the most important thing is the clear fulfillment of his whims by the entire executive vertical, otherwise the whole system will be doomed.

While there are still connections, you can contact the bureau of funeral services, otherwise you really have to leave the whole regime to rot.

Officials sincerely resort to the tactics of the Italian strike. No one can understand what exactly needs to be done, because several contradictory instructions are given in a row during the day. Local performers understand that the easiest thing to do is nothing - there is less chance of getting hit in the head.

Officials sit on the ground, read the requirements and forget about them - it is safer for a career to sit in the bushes. All too bright performers are suspected of spying for the “enemies”, so zeal is still punished, and more severely than doing nothing. Officials have chosen the path of least resistance - they fart around.

For some reason, Luka calls everyone “scoundrels” again. I was already preparing for the next “impudent urkas”, but today was different.

It turns out that the lack of oxygen is a fake. Soon it will really be a fake, because the tactic “less people - more oxygen” fits quite elegantly into Luka's desire to bury Belarus.

He dreams of a mass boycott of any civil initiatives, so he is eager for everyone to arrange a boycott under the beds, or even better, in the cemetery.

The crumbling administrative resource suggests that the vertical itself understands the non-binding nature of Luka’s orders - they literally hint to us that the “end” of the dictatorship is coming soon.

And Luka once again articulates his main fear: “We will be crushed and spit out.” And most importantly, he feels that his surroundings are beginning to crush him. And the worse the situation gets, the clearer gets his feeling that he is being set up, because in his mind his advice is brilliant and leads only to prosperity - this is a narcissistic personality disorder.

If this continues, and no one has planned to curtail the Italian strike (you start to execute - 3 reprimands at once, dismissal, and then a prison on the horizon), then they will detect a “spy” even in his Pomeranian.

Everyone has gloomy faces. And even though 99.8% of fakes are voiced (at if picked with tweezers), but no one believes that these are really fakes. It will not work to overspeak the reality.

UPD: Readers report that they receive messages from the Ministry of Health, where it is strongly recommended to vaccinate and wear masks. This, by the way, is a sabotage of the order voiced by Luka.