20 January 2022, Thursday, 14:24
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Lukashenka Hit by 'External Tsunami'

Lukashenka Hit by 'External Tsunami'
Photo: TASS

Zingman and Sheiman may get a poisonous "kiss" in Africa.

The CYNIC telegram channel has reported some good news on the outer contour of Belarus.

1) Germany. Lukashenka has been called the "head of a network of illegal migrant carriers". Because of it, the airlines that transported the migrants are at risk of being added to the sanctions list. In addition, this is a serious statement about a regime that the German Foreign Ministry is openly beginning to label as criminal. It means that during the sanctions list preparation Germany will be tougher on the regime, but a more "bloodthirsty" stance will be evident towards all countries which have direct contacts with Lukashenka.

2) France. An ingenious performance from a formerly 'sleepy' France is moving. The first "See you soon" wording from the ambassador caused a stir.

France has publicly declared that it would not recognise Lukashenka. After a fantastic speech by the "exiled ambassador", the official Foreign Ministry wrote that for them "President Lukashenka does not exist". He was addressed exclusively as "mister" without an attribute of position. It signals that the promised total aggravation of foreign policy, which Lukashenka generated is fruitful.

The regime is on the highway to aggravation. The orgasmic squeals of "journalists" should calm any "Africa specialists" - Zingman and Sheiman may get a poisonous "French kiss" in Africa. It is France that is doing the "African reconnaissance" for the economic geopolitical game now. It can bring down two pawns.

3) The UN has responded quite strongly to another accusation of sponsoring a "revolution":

"We do not accept the version of the state media in Belarus".

Even the most loyal and silent organization now admits that Lukashenka is a pathological liar and criminal. The UN will now act on our recommendation: the papers from Lukashenka should go back to Minsk together with the contents of the toilet paper trash can.

4) Poland and Lithuania. Lukashenka has stated today that he is not the organizer or curator of the deaths, massacre and ultimatum on the border, and Poland and Lithuania "preserve" migrants in camps and then deliberately send them to Germany to undermine Lukashenka's reputation.

Lukashenka's alternative reality does not coincide, because the migrants get into Poland and Lithuania through Lukashenka. The migrants say that they were supervised by "potatoführer's fans".

Lukashenka's accusations are hysteria and terrorist provocation. This overt international terrorism now unites the whole West because every country was subject to accusations and threats on the part of Lukashenka.

5) India is sending signals that it is willing to negotiate with the opposition for Lukashenkas' flirting with hostile Pakistan. Now both "neutral powers" - China and India - are hinting at talks with the opposition.

Lukashenka is an enemy of humanity. With this verdict, it is time to mount the scaffold. There are no more allies.