20 January 2022, Thursday, 14:29
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Cowardly Little Gang Of Bald One Has No Chance Against Us"

"Cowardly Little Gang Of Bald One Has No Chance Against Us"

It will only take two weeks of strike to win.

The Basta! telegram channel has published the opinion of one of its readers:

- We've changed a lot in the last year. We have realized that we have the right to freedom, and we are also ready to fight for it and defend it. And to do so, we have a real superpower that cannot be defeated. It is the power of our solidarity. And that is why the cowardly little gang of the bald one simply does not stand a chance against us.

Any power is a responsibility, and for that power to be for good, it must be used wisely and not squandered for nothing. We need to choose a right moment and drive out the rat pack with one mighty kick. A national strike is this kick. Let us all stay at home together, deprive the regime of any opportunity to make money off us, and watch with pleasure how it will collapse before our eyes. Friends, it only takes two weeks to win. Let's do it!

Let there be a strike!