30 November 2021, Tuesday, 9:46
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Only Strike!

Only Strike!

Let's zero out.

Veranika Kruhlova, a famous Belarusian rock singer and owner of the Rock Queen title, appealed to the Belarusians and called to join the General Strike. The video of the appeal was published by the YouTube channel "Basta!"

- Dear Belarusians! I am addressing you as a sister, as a friend, as a mother, as a Belarusian woman, as a human being. Only the strike can help to revive us, our society, our culture, our country.

Friends! Let us zero out. Let's freeze. Let us not go anywhere. So that we can wake up in the morning and go and build our house with our own hands. Only together can we do it. We will win together! Long live independent, free Belarus!