7 March 2021, Sunday, 20:21
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Ihar Losik Stops Hunger Strike

Ihar Losik Stops Hunger Strike

The political prisoner has been visited in the pre-trial detention center by his lawyer.

Admin of the “Belarus of the Brain” Telegram channel Ihar Losik has been held behind bars since June 25, 2020, which is 212 days, Radio Svaboda reports.

Ihar has been on a hunger strike since December 15. The political prisoner’s health condition has deteriorated after a month of not eating, last week he was transferred to the cell with 24/7 video surveillance.

On January 25, Ihar Losik’s lawyer Dzmitry Lepratar visited him in the pre-trial detention center. Ihar passed with him a big message to all the people who support him:

- I decided to stop the hunger strike. Why? By choice. I haven’t had any food for over forty days, and I feel power and ability to struggle more. However, I was simply amazed with this unbelievable wave of solidarity. As well as the plea of hundreds and hundreds Belarusians to stop, to stay healthy to welcome our common victory.

I know that many people started a hunger strike while I was hunger-striking. I cannot bear such huge burden of responsibility, I don’t want others to suffer because of my conscious choice. Reading all your pleas in the letters, I realized that I can no longer make my family suffer and worry, as well as the rest of you.

I have never had any desire to mark myself in some way, I never wanted publicity.

I only wanted to live peacefully and raise my daughter. But they forced me to such desperate measures.

I was arrested long before the elections, and I could not imagine, could not comprehend the drastic changes that have happened in the last six months. It’s not as noticeable from behind bars. I understood that I could rely on you, because you would succeed in everything. Now I am absolutely sure of this. You have compassion and solidarity, and they do not care about the sufferings of hundreds of families, children, they don’t care about human lives. You can be trusted. Now it’s the time when there are no incorrect decisions, there are acts.

Winter is always followed by spring, dawn comes after night. No one has ever managed to abolish or stop historical processes with decrees, arrests, or executions.

Thank you, everyone, absolutely everyone, for your support. I will wait for good news.

P.S. Many wrote that I would not achieve anything. This is not true. By my act, not only have I turned attention to my case, but also highlighted the situation with political prisoners in our country. Now they are talking loudly about all of us, demanding the release of all illegally arrested and convicted at every possible site. This is quite a big deal. I hope that with the termination of my hunger strike the topic of political prisoners will not leave the public agenda. Thank you once again for your support, and solidarity.