29 October 2020, Thursday, 1:28
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Belarusian Cyber Partisans: We Will Shake The Regime Until It Collapses

Belarusian Cyber Partisans: We Will Shake The Regime Until It Collapses

The goal of patriotic hackers is to restore justice and quickly free our country from the dictator.

Belarusian cyber partisans made a stir in the Belarusian segment of the Internet. Hackers are trying to "disable" information systems of various government agencies and have already announced attacks on the customs committee, the ERIP system, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other information resources.

Who are these people, do they have a leader, where do they "work" from? All these questions remain unanswered so far. Euroradio managed to persuade Cyber Partizan for a short interview.

- How would you define yourself?

- The definition of us is resistance, virtual protest, cyber front. The goal is to restore justice and put pressure on Lukashenka's regime to liberate our country as soon as possible.

- What are your further intentions? When will you know it's time to wind up?

"We're going to create a cyber-community that the outdated scoop system can't handle. The activity will increase. When we achieve a change of power, we will switch to create mode.

- How long do you plan to "shake the regime"?

- Until it collapses. We are not yet taken seriously, but everything goes on as usual. Otherwise, we will come to monetary transactions, but so far, there have been only warnings.

- Who are your attacks directed against? How do you choose goals?

- Incorrect question. We choose consistently.

- Should ordinary citizens of Belarus be afraid of cyber partisans?

- No, they shouldn't, and we feel the support of the majority. Even if we bring inconveniences, they are temporary.

- How would you assess the protection of the websites of Belarusian state bodies?

- Near-zero. Government sites are a joke.

- How do you think the government, which is fighting for survival, will react to cyber-attacks?

- I will answer the question with a question: how can they react?

- Have you met any serious resistance from government cyber defenders?

- No, we haven't. They even put down their sites as well.