25 September 2020, Friday, 20:37
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Paddy Wagon Rams Person In Minsk

Paddy Wagon Rams Person In Minsk

The guy is covered in blood, his head has been severely injured.

Without stopping, the paddy wagon has dragged the man for several meters. They do not allow to call an ambulance. The man has been carried off the road. He is lying on the grass, volunteers have taken him off the road, and are providing medical assistance, Belsat reports.

The paddy wagon drove into the crowd of protesters. According to Euroradio correspondents, the driver of the paddy wagon most likely wanted to scare people and moved at them with high speed. One of the protesters jumped onto the bumper of the paddy wagon. The vehicle began to zigzag to the right and left. The man fell under the wheels and was almost crushed.

“An ambulance has arrived, the resuscitation team. This is a man, a young guy, about 30, he was put on a stretcher, he’s covered in blood. The head is damaged. But the people don't go away. They are chanting “Murderers!” Suddenly, the second casualty is being loaded into the ambulance car, a man of about 50 years old,” correspondents report from the scene.

Now near Niamiha, the Peramozhtsau Avenue is blocked, people are not allowed there. People run across closer to the Svislach river. There are a lot of people chanting “Long Live Belarus!”

On Niamiha, about 300 fighters of the Internal Troops have lined up. Detentions are underway.

In Lida and Pinsk, according to social networks, riot police have put down their shields in front of the protesters.

After more explosions, riot police have gone on the offensive at the Heroes’ Obelisk. The people are banging on trash cans like drums. 6-10 riot policemen have moved forward, started firing flash-noise grenades from their rifles, people are throwing bottles in response. The riot police have stepped back a little. People don't leave.

Near the Obelisk, the people have lit flash-lights, sounds similar to stun grenades are heard. The protesters are chanting that the riot police have laid down their shields in Zhodzina (in fact, in Pinsk and Lida, too). There are a lot of people on Niamiha, several thousand. Fighters of the Internal Troops are gradually advancing on the protesters, flash-bang grenades are also heard.

On the Belarusian Television, they talk about the harvest and agricultural achievements. A column of internal troops on Niamiha has pushed people back to the metro entrance. From the side of the Svislach river, a column of riot police in helmets and special equipment is seen. The protesters are carrying national flags.