26 September 2020, Saturday, 18:57
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

August 10 Should Be Our Day!

August 10 Should Be Our Day!

Only a few hours remain until one of the most significant dates in the modern Belarusian history.

An action plan for August 10, 2020 appeared on the leading Belarusian Telegram channels.

Charter97.org is publishing its shortened version:

Only a few hours remain until one of the most significant dates in modern Belarusian history. Unfortunately, there is practically no hope that the voices of Belarusians will be heard. That is why, after consulting with dozens of people, we have prepared a Plan B, which should become a worthy rebuff to falsifications, provocations, and the brutal suppression of peaceful protests. The time has come for the real Belarusian spirit to reign in the Belarusian land again!

August 10. Is Lukashenka announced the winner? The fight continues.

1) A GENERAL strike at state enterprises until the end of the working day. The plan is extremely simple - come to work and get together on the site. Your demands to the leadership are simple: to publicly support the holding of NEW and FAIR election, and to do your best to do so.

This is an effective and safe way of protest - they will not be able to dismiss entire departments and workshops, and the police obviously will not risk trying to disperse people, especially real factory men.

2) MINSK and regional CENTERS

7 P.M. In the event of the actual introduction of martial law in the city center, and the impossibility of gathering a sufficient number of people in one place, or the beginning of the zoning of the capital with blocking highways and traffic, the most popular sites in your area become the gathering point: metro stations, parking lots of shopping centers, sites for fairs.

District administrations will be the perfect gathering point. At least, it is there that you can put forward your demands to officials. And also, there you can meet other people, unite in large groups and start moving towards the center of the capital and regional cities. The regime will not have enough forces and personnel!


It is the regions that should become the pioneers of creating a new Belarus, free from the dictatorship of Lukashenka. Moreover, it is in the regions that the most favorable situation will be in order to return power to the hands of the people - there simply will not be enough security officials there.

Your task is as simple as possible and it sounds like this: block (but not seize!) the building of the local executive committee, and demand that the head of this executive committee publicly join the protesters, as well as demand that the higher authorities hold a new election. To do this, it is enough to occupy the area in front of the executive committee and not leave it until your demands are met. Or demand the appointment of a people’s representative to this position.

And if the square is closed, it’s even easier - head straight to the official’s house.

4) OUR GOAL is to hold a NEW ELECTION, and to ensure unconditional release of all political prisoners. To do this, you just need two things:

- to surpass the forces of the enemy, which have been scaring us for 26 years. Remember - they are ordinary people, not robots. And they have exactly the same fears, feelings and fatigue. There are far fewer of them than us.

- to establish direct democracy of the people, which has existed on the Belarusian land for centuries: this is a direct expression of the will, the people's veche and the constitution.

Maybe it's enough to endure the dictatorship of the snickering potentate?! See you in a new and free Belarus!