31 October 2020, Saturday, 3:53
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Dictator Crossed Red Line

Dictator Crossed Red Line

We just need to answer one important question for ourselves.

Hello, Belarusian. I'm you, and you're me, together we're the People, the MBK telegram channel writes.

Today, on July 14, the CEC finally took away from all of us the right to vote, the right to choose.

Real competitors are imprisoned or not allowed, and the three percent dictator organized a tent circus.

It doesn't even matter who I wanted to vote for. What matters is that my right was illegally taken away from me. I am deeply offended and outraged, both for myself and for all of us. The dictator has crossed the red line.

What shall we do, you ask? Just answer one question. Are you (yes, exactly you) ready to solve this problem, or will you saddle your children and grandchildren with this unpleasant task?!

I will not. I don't want to leave such disgrace to myself or my descendants. And I will fight for it, I will defend my choice! Not in a year or a month, but right now.