30 November 2020, Monday, 5:37
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Absurdity Raised To Third Power

Absurdity Raised To Third Power

The dictator is losing his nerve.

Political observer Valeryj Karbalevich has commented on closing of borders of Belarus on October 29 in his telegram-channel.

Information about closing of borders with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine became a complete surprise for everyone. It was done in the worst Belarusian traditions. It is the legal absurdity raised to the third power.

First of all, in civilized countries, the closing of the border is announced in advance, the date is called so that everyone can prepare. In Belarus, it happened unexpectedly, suddenly.

Secondly, in decent countries, such a decision is made by some legal act of the highest authorities. At least, by a government decree. In our case, a representative of the Border Committee verbally informed about it. Apparently, there is no document yet.

Thirdly, Belarusian citizens were not allowed in the country for several hours. This is a total legal arbitrariness.

What for? In spring, Belarus was the only country in Europe that did not close its borders. Lukashenka was very proud of it.

The explanation of the border guards (due to the epidemiological situation) is flimsy. After all, for some reason they are not closing the border with Russia. The railway and air traffic does not stop either.

I think the real reason is political. A few days ago, representatives of the Border Committee said that they had not let suspicious people from Lithuania or Poland into Belarus, who were likely to make a revolution here.

That is, the current decision to close the border indicates the nervous state of the top state leadership. At first, it creates a kind of propaganda picture of foreign intervention. Then it starts to believe in its myth and on this basis make real decisions. We've come full circle. Belarus is rapidly approaching North Korea.