2 June 2020, Tuesday, 0:51
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Belarusians About ‘Integration’ With Russia: Hasn’t ‘Treason’ Article Been Abolished Yet?

Belarusians About ‘Integration’ With Russia: Hasn’t ‘Treason’ Article Been Abolished Yet?

The reaction of Belarusians to the “union” with the Russian Federation.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant has published the details of the draft Program of Action for Belarus and the Russian Federation on implementing the provisions of the “union state treaty”, initialed on September 6 by Prime Ministers Dmitry Medvedev and Siarhei Rumas.

When implementing the plan by 2021, we are talking about the absorption by the highly nationalized economy of Russia of almost completely the state economy of Belarus at the management level, the publication notes.

Readers of Charter97.org are actively discussing the “integration” with the Russian Federation. Here are just a few comments:

“Right, this is not integration. This is the ‘voluntary’ Anschluss…”

“This is the result of the villain’s rule. This is all because we in 1995, 1996 gave away Belarus to this Dumbo, who has failed throughout his piggy life to learn simple people’s veracities: only Judas would sells conscience and Motherland ‘FOR’ money.”

“It’s clear that the rascal stole so much, robbed the entire Belarus, but we - what are we waiting for?”

“Yeah, right… For a quarter of a century we have been looking at one and the same face on TV, one ‘hockey player’, ‘economist’, ‘historian’, ‘accordionist’... He does it all alone! Wasted time in the life of Belarus. It’s not just revenues and wages that were stolen from us - it’s something which is impossible to return, the time and prospects the younger us should have had!”

“1. The Belarusian business (if it remained) will be finished, corporate raiding will become the norm.

2. Gangland acts will start en masse between the Russian mafia-like controlling system (tax authorities, Department for Countering Economic Crimes, etc.) and the usurper’s ‘feedbox companies’, or rather, purses.

3. The investment background from the East will strongly prevail over the Western investments, which will automatically lead to the Russification of the whole financial system.

All this will result in the total Anschluss in the nearest future:(“

“There is nothing surprising or new in how Lukashenka is giving away the country, he is saving his ass and the money he has stolen. As for Belarusians, the hour of reckoning comes, it’s time to decide who we are - the people or the slaves, whom they sell as goods.”

“Belarusians, wake up! A big disaster is coming!”

“Why uniting with the beggarly Russia, when there’s the EU nearby, with decent level of life.”

“We need to chase away the moustached guy, break all agreements with the aggressor and go to Europe - this is the only salvation for the people of Belarus from the hopeless poverty and slavery, that have grabbed the nation’s throat stronger and stronger each year.”

“1. Why does independent Belarus, which is in no war with anyone, have to participate in the ‘counter sanctions’ of the Kremlin occupants?

2. Why will the citizens of independent Belarus be controlled by some clowns-tax inspectors of the neighbouring pseudo-empire in the course of the “joint raids”?

3. Why should the taxes that Belarusians pay to maintain their own bureaucracy go to maintain the Russian bureaucracy?

4. Why is the foreign trade of the independent Belarus placed in dependence on the outcast country, cut from the modern technologies by sanctions?

5. And the last one. If they unite economies - who will need the political add-on, duplicating the Moscow criminal power structure, then?

P.S. I wonder, have they abolished the ‘treason’ article in Belarus?

“Chase away the Russian occupants from the Belarusian land! They have brought so many sufferings and disasters to our people! Only the European Union!”