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Charter 97!

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Text of Charter'97

We, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus declare that the actions of today's authorities are aimed at elimination of inalienable human rights and freedoms. The Constitution - the basic law of the country - has been violated. The Belarusian people is denied the right to elect its representatives to offices. There are systematic attacks against freedom of speech, against the right of citizens to know the real state of affairs in the country. National culture and school are being destroyed, the Belarusian language is being ousted. Hundreds of thousands of families are on the brink of survival due to the daily rise in prices and miserable salaries. On the eve of the 21 century a dictatorship has been established in the center of Europe. 10 million people have found themselves in the grip of despotism.

We believe that our homeland is worthy of freedom and prosperity. We are convinced that these goals can be achieved through our joint efforts. We are inspired by the example of free peoples that have chosen this way before us. We remember the group of courageous Czech and Slovak human rights activists that signed "Charter 77" declaring struggle against totalitarism in their country. Several years later Eastern Europe got rid of the red dictatorship. The peoples of these countries gained the possibility to develop freely and to work for their well-being.

We cannot reconcile ourselves to despotism, violation of laws, crimes against the people and individuals. We will be in solidarity with everyone who fights for one's rights, seeks freedom and well-being for oneself and one's family.

We are of different political views and faiths but we are united by the love of freedom and our homeland. The basis of our readiness for joint actions to liberate Belarusian people will be respect to the views and faiths of each other. Our solidarity will overcome violence and shameless lies. All who have chosen to fight for human dignity and rights shall be confident in common support.

We count on the understanding of international community and solidarity of all forces that are aware of the danger of the emergence of a new brown empire in the post-Soviet space. The thorn of totalitarism must be removed from the body of Europe.

We, the citizens of Belarus declare today our responsibility for the destiny of the country, for the future of our children. We will make Belarus a free, sovereign and prosperous European country, where human rights are protected, where there are no political prisoners and everyone can live in dignity.

We call upon all citizens of Belarus to join our Charter in order to fight together for our rights and freedoms, to restore democracy and rule of law in our country.

Long live free Belarus!

Adamovich Slavomir
Andreev Victor
Belyatsky Ales
Bobkov Igor
Bogdankevich Stanislav
Bondarenko Dmitry
Borodach Vladimir
Borodulin Rygor
Borshchevsky Lyavon
Bukchin Semyon
Buravkin Guennady
Bukhvostov Alexander
Bykov Vasil
Bykov Guennady
Vasilkov Vitaly
Vashkevich Alexander
Vilman Victor
Volkov Vladimir
Volsky Lyavon
Vyachorka Vintsuk
Gavin Tadeush
Guilevich Nil
Golubev Valentin
Gonchar Victor
Grib Mechislav
Gritskevich Anatoly
Skochko Yevgueny
Sosnov Alexander
Statkevich Nikolai
Taras Valentin
Tikhinya Valery
Tregubovich Valentina
Trusov Oleg
Tychina Mikhas
Fadeev Valery
Grushevoy Guennady
Gryaznova Ludmila
Gusak Stanislav
Daneiko Pavel
Dashuk Victor
Dobrovolsky Alexander
Domash Semyon
Drebezova Galina
Dudareva Nadezhda
Yelfimov Victor
Zhelyapov Christofor
Zhuk Pavel
Zhurakovsky Valery
Zakharenko Yuri
Znavets Pavel
Ivashkevich Victor
Ipatova Olga
Kamotskaya Kasya
Karavaichik Ivan
Karnazytsky Pavel
Karpenko Guennady
Katsora Vladimir
Kobasa Miroslav
Kozlovsky Pavel
Korneenko Victor
Korol Alexei
Fridland Mikhail
Khalezin Nikolai
Khalip Vladimir
Khashchevatsky Yuri
Khodyko Yuri
Chernov Victor
Chigir Mikhail
Shalkevich Victor
Sharetsky Semyon
Korotkevich Olga
Kostka Valery
Lavrovskaya Irina
Lebedko Anatoly
Litvina Zhanna
Marinich Mikhail
Markevich Nikolai
Marochkin Ales
Martselev Serguei
Matskevich Vladimir
Milinkevich Alexander
Mindlin Leonid
Mitskevich Maria
Nistyuk Vladimir
Ogurtsov Yevgueny
Ostrovsky Ales
Pastukhov Mikhail
Pogonyailo Garry
Potupa Alexander
Protko Tatyana
Rovdo Vladimir
Saverchenko Ivan
Sannikov Andrei
Severinets Pavel
Sivukha Valery
Sivchik Vyacheslav
Shaternik Alexander
Sheremet Pavel
Sherman Carlos
Shlyndikov Vassily
Shushkevich Stanislav
Shchukin Valery
Yurina Galina
Yakovlevsky Roman