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Belarusian Author Sasha Filipenka Wins The Main ProLitteris Swiss Literary Award

Belarusian Author Sasha Filipenka Wins The Main ProLitteris Swiss Literary Award

“His humor is brilliant.”

At the end of June, the Swiss society for copyright protection ProLiterris will award the main prize in the amount of 40,000 Swiss francs (about 150,000 rubles) to the Belarusian writer Sasha Filipenka. The jury considered his achievements in the field of literature to be outstanding. In addition to receiving the main prize, Sasha Filipenka got the right to determine the recipient of the sponsorship prize of 10,000 francs.

The ProLiterris Prize is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in literature and the arts. The choice in favor of Sasha Filipenka was explained by an independent jury this year as follows:

“Sasha Filipenka was born in 1984. Despite his young age, the work of the writer, who was born in Belarus and lives in exile in Basel, is fruitful: five novels, two plays and numerous media publications. His works have been published by the Swiss publishers Diogenes and Noir sur Blanc and have received international recognition. Sasha Filipenka's books are based on careful documentary research, material that he turns into fiction in a linguistically innovative and clever way.

Sasha Filipenka has the ability to package oppressive circumstances into strong metaphors to make the absurdity of political and existential situations tangible. <…> His humor is brilliant, and, using the example of human destinies, brings complex historical contexts closer to the reader. <…>

Awarding Sasha Filipenka, the jury would also like to note the author, whose career was associated with significant personal and political risks, which are reflected in his works. Sasha Filipenka is an important witness who contributes to building bridges to understanding today's geopolitical situation.”

The recipient of the ProLiterris main award must determine who should receive the Sponsorship Prize. Sasha Filipenka chose the Swiss writer and translator Maud Mabillard, who was born in 1975 in Geneva.

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