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The Turning Point: The West Makes Fatal For Russia Decision

The Turning Point: The West Makes Fatal For Russia Decision

The former Foreign Minister of Ukraine pointed out an important thing.

The process of granting Ukraine permission to strike the territory of the Russian Federation with long-range missiles (up to 300 kilometers) will accelerate. The West has crossed its own "red lines" that have constrained their decision-making on the war in Ukraine for the past 2 years. This was stated by a diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, head of the Center for Russian Studies Volodymyr Ohryzko during a chat on Glavred.

According to him, the United States is still hesitating and looking for excuses why it should not act, while Europe, which is closer to the threat, has already made its choice. Small countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries show impressive foreign policy activity and courage.

"I'm not talking about France, which now plays a unique role and becomes an example of political leadership. I think we should expect the same from Germany, although there are certain points here. But in terms of assistance, Germany has now become a leader and helps Ukraine with everything it can. And the information that the Germans will give another Patriot is proof of this," the diplomat said.

The diplomat added that a turning point has already been passed regarding the assistance of Western nations to Ukraine.

"The decision of the G7 summit, in particular, on the use of Russian money is a confirmation that at last the West began to look realistically at Russia, and realized that it is impossible to come to an agreement. Putin is actively helping this: the latest crazy "peace plan" simply confirmed the inadequacy of the Russian dictator. So, it is clear that we need to do something about it," said Ohryzko.

He expressed the view that the West would continue to move forward. However, this does not mean that the West seeks the disintegration of Russia and the emergence of 15 new post-Russian states in its place.

Unfortunately, it's not true. But did history in 1991 listen to the American president or the British Prime Minister, who also did not want the collapse of the USSR? It's just that there are real things that we just talked about, and which undermine this rather rotten structure from the inside," the diplomat stressed.

The former Foreign Minister recalled the head of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who could have reached Moscow if he had marched another 200 kilometers. He noted that then only a miracle saved the Putin regime from falling, because the military simply watched and did not support the Russian dictator.

“And some people waved flags and supported Prigozhin. Therefore, many things indicate that the regime will rotten and fall," he concludes.

Ohryzko concludes that for Western partners this is still the worst scenario, since they do not know how to proceed.

“My answer is simple: sit down to think, formulate your policy, write scripts, understand with whom you need to start working inside Russia right now, etc.,” he said.

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