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'The Russians Come Out To Surrender One By One And In Groups'

'The Russians Come Out To Surrender One By One And In Groups'

The occupiers fell into a double trap in Vovchansk.

At the Aggregate Plant, the Russian military has been surrounded for the fifth day without the possibility of receiving outside assistance.

A few days ago, three assault groups tried to break into the plant, but two of them were destroyed, only a small part of the group entered the plant.

But this is a drop in the bucket, because in general, the occupiers run out of ammunition, food and medicines. Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleh Zhdanov spoke about it in an interview with the News Factory.

"Yes, there were attempts to attack our positions to break into the plant, but our fighters there organized everything well. After all, we do not just keep them surrounded but systematically inflict damage. Our aviation and artillery are working there. Sometimes a white flag appears among these ruins. The Russian soldiers go out one by one, two by two or in groups to surrender," the military expert said.

Then Zhdanov added that Ukraine could launch a smart information and psychological operation around this story. Forcing the surrender of an enemy garrison with the help of fire control alone is a powerful reason for raising the mood in society and the morale of Ukrainian soldiers, as well as for suppressing the morale of the enemy.

“I think the General Staff should foresee such developments and, most likely, they will implement it,” the colonel predicted.

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