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Leonid Nevzlin: Prigozhin Was Listening In On The Kremlin

Leonid Nevzlin: Prigozhin Was Listening In On The Kremlin

And collected dirt.

On June 23, it will be a year since the beginning of the mutiny of the head of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin. Two months later, the plane with the rioter blew up.

Famous public figure and businessman Leonid Nevzlin told about the details of the rebellion on Telegram:

"My source in the FSO (the Federal Security Service of Russia) clarified the picture for me by telling me about the missing element of this bloody puzzle.

In the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin in the summer of 2022, Prigozhin specialists installed a powerful wiretapping system. The middle shopping malls, a large historical quarter, face the Kremlin, and its buildings were restored (as it turned out, very far-sightedly) by Prigozhin's company. So, Prigozhin had no problems with access to the premises for the purpose of installing spy equipment. It was high-precision equipment, super-professional, like much that Prigozhin could do. I have to give him credit here."

Among the objects of listening in, as Leonid Nevzlin writes, were the premises of the Putin Administration inside the Kremlin:

"Prigozhin collected dirt on really hated enemies and — according to his concepts — traitors to the motherland. And Prigozhin's concepts — yes, the devil, a bandit and a murderer, but also a sincere patriot — were very specific. I have already written about the struggle of both open and non-public Prigozhin with thieves like Timur Ivanov in the system of the Ministry of Defence. By the summer of 2022, Prigozhin had a clear idea that the war should be stopped on terms acceptable to the Russian Federation. At the same time, as we remember, at that moment, his influence and public activity were growing more and more."

According to Nevzlin, Prigozhin prepared for the coup in advance:

"No decree of Shoigu on contracts for the Wagnerians would have infuriated him to such an extent that he went on a campaign against Moscow, he was not such a person. He was smart, calculating and cold-blooded. But he had no time.

According to my source in the FSO, in June 2023 (a few days before the mutiny), the safe premises were disclosed. During the search, a huge amount of data accumulated during the year was found. Those who came with the search left Yevgeny Prigozhin an unambiguous message: a freshly severed pork head. He dared to listen in on the Kremlin, evidence — to the delight of the party of war of Kovalchuk and Rotenberg, corrupt Shoigu and other members of the mafia — was obtained. From that moment on, Yevgeny Prigozhin no longer had any chance of a well-prepared rebellion, he had to act on the situation.

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