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Partisans Attack Railway Junction Important For Belarus

Partisans Attack Railway Junction Important For Belarus

An act of sabotage near Smolensk.

Partisans of the ATESH movement committed sabotage in Russia on the railway near Smolensk. A video from the scene was published on Telegram.

According to the movement, the agent burned down a relay cabinet on the railway at coordinates 54.42472, 32.13178.

Partisans note that this section of the railway is an important transport corridor connecting the center of Russia with the northwestern regions. The companies Transneft, Gazprom, Rostec, as well as the production and transfer of military equipment from the central regions of Russia, depend on the operation of this branch.

It should be noted that this junction is also important for Belarus. After all, it is through Smolensk that the biggest share of our country's exports to the Russian Federation goes.

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