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Ukrainian Navy: 28 Russian Ships Destroyed

Ukrainian Navy: 28 Russian Ships Destroyed

One third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Dmytro Pletenchuk, the speaker of the AFU Naval Forces, said that the Ukrainian defenders have managed to disable already a third of the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

"One third is taken out of service exactly - destroyed and damaged," he said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

The Navy speaker noted that officially the Defence Forces have destroyed 28 Russian ships and missile carriers.

"They had more than 10 more in repair. But many of those ships that they now have in service have also been damaged. For example, both frigates of the Admiral Essen, and the Admiral Makarov. A significant percentage of the enemy ships have already become familiar with both drones and missiles. And some of them have already been recovered," Pletenchuk noted.

According to him, some of the enemy ships are still under repair, and some will be there for a long time due to serious damage.

He also spoke about the strikes on Russia's large landing ships.

"We waited until they had them in order and after that we hit them. And it was super difficult to repair them, because they are the 775 project, they are Polish-made. And the Poles, of course, refuse to service them. And they tried to buy some parts, substitutes, to circumvent the sanctions. Therefore, I do not think that they will now rush to repair these big landing ships," the speaker suggested.

In addition, Pletenchuk added that the 28 destroyed Russian ships in a certain period included some units like boats, of which the aggressor country has a dozen and a half.

"Starting with the flagship and ending with four large landing ships of the second rank. The only one of first rank was the Moskva cruiser. It is also the Rostov-on-Don submarine, the Sergey Kotov, the Ivanovets, the Vasily Bech and others," he stressed.

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