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Hundreds Of Cars From USA Heading To Belarus Stuck In Lithuania

Hundreds Of Cars From USA Heading To Belarus Stuck In Lithuania

Vilnius has blocked the transit corridor.

Hundreds of cars, which failed to cross the Lithuanian-Belarusian border after June 4, have accumulated in the port of Klaipeda. Some of them have returned to the customs warehouses, reports the ‘Autobusiness’ portal.

The new procedure for exporting cars from Lithuania actually blocked the Lithuanian transit corridor for cars bought in the United States.

Since June 4, Lithuanian customs requires an expanded list of documents for cars exported, re-exported or transported in transit. Among other things, it is necessary to present the exporter's and recipient's commitment that the goods are not intended for the Russian market. In addition, it is now necessary to submit within 40 days after crossing the border a copy of the customs declaration confirming that the car has been customs cleared not in Russia. And when re-exporting or transiting a car to Belarus, only the owner - not a close family member or a relative, presenting a power of attorney - can now take out such a car.

The problem with delivery to Belarus has been confirmed to journalists in the logistics department of one of the companies delivering cars from the United States. However, according to experts, ‘there is no need to panic’.

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